Post your Artwork :D


New Hunter
Alright, I finally bought a Cintiq, so my digital art should improve drastically now over the original 70dpi iPad I was using.

I am still learning, but I made this Deadpool picture today. What do you think?

and the workspace, photo is really yellow sorry.

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Nice work man! I have a few before and after shots, but not too many. The Hot Toys Hicks there shows a before and after though. And those clones were all white at one point, before I gave them markings and battle damage. Most of the Sideshow stuff there, the Anakin, the Phantom, Frankenstein's monster are available as stock shots all over the place.

I have more shots (pretty old though, I need to update my site) on my website: DarkArtist Productions
Aayla Secura.jpg boba fett.jpg Rick TWD.jpg Skin Junkies.jpg Zombie Troopers.jpg TWD Zombie.jpg

Here is some of my artwork, nothing digital, what you see is what you get. Hope you like :).
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Jr Hunter
2014-03-10 08.25.20.jpg
Really quick sketch of what a trench run might look like in the trench network of a Super Star Destroyer. Going to do a final one someday.