Post your Artwork :D


These are some of my drawings i've done in paint/adobe photoshop

January 4, 2011

September 27, 2011

May 5th, 2012

I have a few more images lurking around, but I think these are my top 3 :D


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Here are some of my past drawings, although some of these are not my ideas, but were part of my tattoo portofolio:

SRCfRy559943-02.jpg sb3Lw1961306-02.jpg OIIiYs366708-02.jpg n1oIse254443-02.jpg lASGA9730445-02.jpg k8OzjG117983-02.jpg ep3VjG472091-02.jpg Cqjh0U515542-02.jpg 53dgOW895100-02.jpg 7hOUsV716460-02.jpg g_elWr484849-02.jpg g78QW0395379-02.jpg TKeE4y291173-02.jpg 14pNJn822293-02.jpg
Alien Queen <3

And Rafal, your snake-designs looks absolutely wicked! I plan to get a snake tattooed at some point, and yours were amazing! Just saying :D

Looking at these made me feel even more useless, though... Yeeeah, I don't think I'll post any of my pics. I'll stick to my writing. It's what I'm best at x)


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Hey guys- Im in the same boat as Slave1...Here are a few of mine as well as a quick Fett sketch I did for my son the other day:D. So many talented artists on here..and metadude, I could never do what youve done on a pc man, great work!!!





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Hey Raff do you make a living as a tattoo artist ? Looks like good skin art (y)

I used to, but not anymore.

Here are some snakes for xxDreamWalker:

Snake Head 1.jpg Snake Head 2.jpg Snake Head 3.jpg

The first snake is my creation, the other two were drawn in PC over a photo (this method was used for the stencils too) then I added the colors and the 3D effects:

Drawing A Snake.jpg