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Saw these on the cover of a magazine at work and read the description it said that they were modeled after a type of boot that is and has been popular in Australia for some time now. Thought that this might be a possible lead on the screen used boot.

That style of boot has been around since, well, my great-grandfather used to wear a pair...and I think he got them from his father :) We'll find it though, don't worry ;)

Added thought. The soles on the movie Fett boots remind me more of sneaker soles, possible even light/crepe work-boot soles.
Looks close and looks like it could be made to work. The first difference that stands out really is that the sole is not flat and arches up. I'm sure it could be fixed or re-cobbled somehow, but still an excellent find :)

Those look like 'Blundstones' brand which are made in Australia. I'm using these for my Fett Costume right now. I heard these were the shoes used for original Fett costume, but I really don't know for certain.....
Based on the research I have done the boot was a lace up on the first few pairs made. I also feel the boot was heavily modified LFL has a few more bucks than we do and going to the costume department having a special pair of boots made is not a problem. However they were built off an existing boot in my opinion. As soon as I get this proto pair finshed I'll post pics and hopefully the fog will clear on this issue although I haven't seen the work in progress I am confident the boot chosen is the base boot.

One good example of custum boots is the Starship Troopers MI boot they were made by Adidas for the film only 2000 pair in existence sounds like a lot but the studio bought every pair made(you can buy them now from various prop sources who got them from the studio) It was also just a high top trek boot and the studio added the leather upper, straps and buckles but if you tried to find this boot on the shelf you are on an endless search to no avail because you won't find it. If SONY never elected to let some of these go to us collectors we would never have anything remotely close.


I haven't bought into the canvas idea yet. If they covered the boot it would have to be a felxible cloth like material. Looking at closeups of the boots the fabric is a twill and canvas doesn't have those characteristics. I chose cloth over mine so if it sucks another thing to laugh at when I get them.

Sounds like the search for boots is gettin closer to an end. I knew these werent the actual boot but I thought the roper boot may have been a good lead. I will look into it myself and report back.
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