Plasticine Clay

It's available at pretty much any art store. has it available at reasonable prices as well. I sculpted my Fett helmet with the stuff so I guess I can say that I support its use. :)
Sculpy is a brand of plas-clay. Cook it at 250º for 10-15 minutes and it is like brittle, hard plastic. It can be sanded, filed and glues well. Get it at Jo-Ann's, Michael's or most arts & crafts stores. Good luck.

Eagleskull wrote:

Any1 in San Diego know where i can buy it and how much it is??? or just a website where i can get it from?
I went to Jo-Ann's and i found this one, It this the right one?
what are you making with it? Sculpy is good for small things that need to be hard. If you are working and re-working the clay dont bother with sculpy. Use Roma plastacine or even the cheeper Jolly King brand. They come in various hardness and even a sulpher free variety which does not smell bad.
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