Pictures of top of bucket

Hi gang,

I'm in the middle of painting my first Boba bucket (I'll post some progress pics soon). I've got some stencils for the dome, but don't quite know where they belong. Could anyone give me some pictures of the dome of an ESB-style Boba?

Thanks, mates!
Contact Braks Buddy or go to and you can buy a reference CD from him that has every angle that you'll want of the entire MoM ESB helmet and suit.
As far as the reference CD...there is not a diffinitive pic of the top of the helmet...IMO. I can appreciate the effort though...its a difficult image to get. That said, the RCD is the best source to date;)

SIDE NOTE: Did anyone get a chance yet to check out the current issue of Action Figure Digest? It features pics of a gathering at LucasFilm and the arrival of props back from the Japan exhibit several years ago. It was interesting in that one of the images is of the ESB helmet atop a case housing Yoda. It was mentioned that the guests attending were allowed to wear the helmet. I also noticed that it appeared that the helmet was damaged just behind the right looked to me like a fracture of some kind. Perhaps this had always been there and I had'nt noticed it till now. Anyway, just wanted to mention it in case its not old news to some of us:)
Yep, not really a direct shot of the top. But if you take a few of the ref pics and look at them together, you can figure it out.
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