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Hey everyone, I'm working on a custom Mandalorian right now, and I'm considering making it in the style of the Mando's seen in the comic Open Seasons. I haven't read it yet, but I've seen a few pictures of the main characters.

Since I can't find the comics, and have no way of ordering online yet, I was wondering if anyone who has the comic (#1 or #2) could scan in some various reference pics on the different Mando styles and color schemes.

Some things I'm looking for:
-The "segmented backplate" I've been told some of the Mando's without jet packs have.

-Maybe a few more pics of Jaster and Jango (from #1 or #2, not silver/blue Jango).

-Some pics of the random Mando soldiers and maybe shots of any cool markings they may have.

-Anything else you think looks good.
-And any gauntlet close-ups there may be (if any) I'd like some inspiration for custom gauntlets.

Thanks a bunch!

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Here are a couple pics i have from the comics.

Click on this thumbnail to see the full size image.

It was too big to post directly on TDH.

Hope that helps. :)


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I actually hadn't seen the Jaster getting shot one.

Ah, and that first one was the one I was talking about that reminded me of what you were planning.

Ah, sweet! I've been wanting to read that as well. Got anything from Open Seasons? If someone did this for OS, I would be their bestest friend! :p
You might try the local book chains. I bought my copy of the OS Graphic Novel (all four issues bound together) at a Books-A-Million. If they don't have it in stock they might be able to order it for you.
Here is that Mandalorian Wedding photo, it could give you some nice armour ideas. I love the girl in this photo, the artist was very creative in her design.
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