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After much fuss and worries I decided to go to a different picture hosting website. There is nothing wrong with TDH, it just won't let me upload pictures :)

My blaster that I used for Halloween was spraypainted dark green and misted with grey. Everyone gave me good comments because they thought it had sort of a camo look to it. Other than the paint job and the different gun, how does it look? I still need to add some winshield wipers to the barrel, but other than that and some black paint, i think i did a good job for something that only took 2 hours to make :)

<IMG SRC="http://server2.uploadit.org/files/Sargonkiadi-DSCF0408.JPG
" BORDER="0">
What's the main part a Walther P-22! Dressing up as Boba to assasinate someone?

kidding, looking good, keep up the good work!


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OKAY!! I HAVE IT!! I took my laptop to school and uploaded the picture on a T2 connection :)

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