Boba Fett ESB Build Thread- M finally gets to work on Boba


New Hunter
Hello Fetts! I went to my first in person 501st troop yesterday and I thought yea it's time to get back to work on ESB Boba....

Backstory: I submitted my first draft of ESB Boba back in April and got a google doc of feedback. I haven't been motivated to work after starting a new job and working on other projects.

Here are my first approval pictures: unmasked.jpg

I have been collecting reference from all over, mostly RafalFett's 3d print files (which have been an absolute lifesaver haha). I am very open to any suggestions anyone has, but I am trying to make this myself. I am planning on buying my boots from Crowprops and I plan on buying my Wookie Braids, but I want to make everything myself.

I've never done a build thread before, but my GMLs suggested I make one to get constructive feedback from everyone on here. I'll be sure to try and remember to update as I work!

First up, I need to get all my files formatted and start printing!