Piano Key Thing-ies! ????


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Been working on my Jet Pack for some time now, and almost complete....yah right. Well anyway, been brain storming on what would be the best hand made / found object that I could use on the jet pack piano key things that are near the top of the pack? Anyone find something or know of what was used for this part of the pack? Any help would be great!.



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It dries hard. You have to heat it up a little to speed up the drying process but it will dry hard. You can then sand and paint it. Have fun!


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Save your self some time and just cut them out of sintra. Make a couple of long strips the right height. Sand down the bottom edge of both, and heat and curve one to your main tank. Then cut them apart and pick out the best ones to glue on. Oh yeah, mine measure 1/2" tall x 1/4" wide.


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Sculpy is a sculpting clay that you bake in the oven to harden. Its used for all kinds of prop making. You can find it at any good craft store like Michaels.