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O K time to ask the experts ... I am getting ready to paint my armor ( any tips would be VERY appreciated ) and I need to know the MOST accurate colors and brands of paint to use . I am doing ROTJ and I need to know all colors for chest , back shoulder and knee armor . I have the liquid mask and that's it . I should mention that I have fiberglass armor ... I think it might be Boba Maker ... not sure .I also could use hints on techniques .Fire away people !!! Examples and pics would help also . Thanks



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This is what I used, dunno if its 100% accurate but it looks decent.

All paint is testors from Michael's art and supply store from the model hobby section, the small cans where all that was available to me, but they had a ton of different colors.

All undercoat silver was painted with testors aluminum silver.

Shoulder's & Knee's- Catapillar yellow/cream white

Chest/neck/back/groan- Catapillar yellow/medium green

I then black misted the armor with an airbrush, blackwashed all the parts in 4 parts water 1 part acylic black paint, then sealed that with testors dull coat.

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if you do a search you'll find all you need to do a ROTJ armor scheme. The Helmet colors have not been ID'd however. Look for Rogue Studios ;)