Painting hell


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Just started painting the red parts of my helmet(around visor) but then horror.......the silver paint mixed with the red..making a big gloopy mess.....

the silver was spray was humbrol model paint.......big mistake mixing them.....

So now need the people of the helmets advice again....

would it be best to take all the silver off and just paint streight onto the helmet (don post 96/97)?

Also what gule can you use to stick sintra (foamalux, forex)?



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You'll need to sand it off and spray the helmet with primer first. Then you can paint the colors on. You could then paint the whole thing silver, mask off where you want the silver to show through and spray the red over it. Then you simply take off the masking and there's your silver damage points!

As for glue you should be able to use anything that says its ok for plastics. I like GOOP myself.


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I'm currently painting my...oh...probably 8th or 9th helmet. The best advice I can give you is take your time. I know you want to finish and it's easy to fall into the temptation to put on a layer of color before the last layer is completely dry, or to handle the helmet early, but this usually results in having to sand off what you did and starting over. Many of us have been there and it's no fun. On my current helmet, I put on the layer of silver and I've waited over a week to continue, just to be sure.

Also, there's a 2 part epoxy for plastics available at Wal Mart which is super strong.