painting armor from a spray can


im going to start putting together a ESB boba outfit together soon and im in the researching phase now.

i dont have a paint gun so i was wandering what seemed to be the choice of colors for spray paint?
i noticed they were some what looked to me anyhow close green color in the krylon fusion line but not really a good yellow or chrome/silver

btw, does any ref pics exist of the ESB suit like from M.O.M or ...? all i can find are rotj pics
I think the closest green you will find in krylon is Krylon Satin Touch, Italian Olive and the number is 3522. As far as chrome/silver goes, you will pay more, but get Bumper Chrome. It's made by Plasti-Coat. I got mine at a local hardware store for $7.00 and have had NO complaints with it yet. I'm actually using it to chrome out my Ibanez Jem.

For the mandibles, I used Krylon Fusion Burgunday, # 2325.


Left to right: Olive Green, Bumper Chrome and Burgundy Red


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for like 18 bucks at can get that a airbrush kit that is the one that screws ontop of the propellant cans...I used that, then used a few different colors of spray paint that I sprayed into dixie cups, and mixed them together...that allowed me to get the right color i needed...ill get some brands and names of what i used.
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