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well, I was painting my shoulder armor with the tractor spray paint. It wrinkled bad on thone of the pieces, on the second coat. I guess it must not have been dry, but I let the first coat dry for about 15 hours, it was not tacky at all. I guess let this dry, and scuff it up with fine grain sander, and try it again? but wierd that it would do this. I guess I will have to wait a couple of days between coats? :(
Well I sanded the shoulder down with fine grain and hit with some more yeller paint. So far so good on this go around. once I get it mostly done I'll get a pic up.
I had the same trouble, but only on the shoulder armor, and I painted everything else the exact same process and it went fine.

I tried dusting it and everything still wrinkled when I got a thick enough coat. It came down to me reversing the layering effect, I primering the shoulders and applied jergens peel mask to the spots I wanted weathered and put on about three coats of paint it went on very nice no wrinkles or anything.

I let it dry a day and used duct tape to remove the peel mask, the primer should be showing. with a fine paint brush I mixed the cream colored yellow that is the second layer of paint around the metal battle damage, inside the peeled yellow paint on the primer, and let it dry and applied a second coat.

IF you apply it with a sponge brush or very fine brittled brush no brush strokes will show, wipe all the paint from around the peeled dark yellow paint. then I let it dry a day and went back in and applied testers model silver aluminum paint, this stuff goes on very nice and doesnt show brush strokes and has a dull sheen like aluminum. I painted the battle dents just leaving a slight bit of the lighter yellow around the edges, I was very pleased with the overall result.
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