I am doing a dp97 conversion to a jango, and i was wondering if i could prime, paint , then cut out and replace the visor.

that wouls minimise the masking on the visor right?

any comments?
Yeah, but imagine your primered helmet. It's totally grey. You take your dremel to it and chop the T out and you're left with 2 dark green edges on the inside of the T.

What I'm doing is rip out the T, then paint, then install the visor. May have to touch up a bit here and there, but IMO that's the easiest way compared to the alternatives.

Having said that, It depends on your bucket. I think I'm quite lucky in having a DP97 that accepted some shape changes (flair and dome) and kept them nicely, even with the visor having now been out for a couple of months. I have heard tell of those 97's that spring back to the crappy flat-head, no flair shape if you leave it without a visor for more than a day or two. I guess it depends on how easy you found re-shaping it.

Trial and error is prob the way to go, so you find a system that works for you.

Good luck.

I cut my visor out first, then hot glued two pieces of scrap plastic on the inside of the visor area(making sure to keep the same shape and distance in the cut out)then went ahead and primed and painted. When I finished painting I popped out the pieces pulled off the hot glue and installed the visor. Be sure not to use a high temp glue though, I used a multi-temp for that purpose.
Yeah, I definately think you will be further ahead to cut out you visor before painting. Also, make shure you have the desired fit, but don't glue that sucker in till you are satisfied w/ you paint. I cut my 96 DP out & glued it in w/ epoxy, then painted. My paint job turned out pretty crappy so I decided to re-do it. Sanding aroud parts of the visor area is a pain in the butt, especially w/ a visor in place. If you are going for the quicker method, My advice is, cut out your old visor area, trim your visor till you get a "fit" that you are happy w/ then paint before you install the new visor. Probably the best method, is to rig up some kind of a mounting system w/ screws, so you can remove your visor at will. that way you can have everything set up the way you want, then remove the visor, paint, then re-install the visor. If you arent happy w/ something its pretty easy to re-sand & re-paint your bucket. Also, I think its generally agreed that the original helmet had a screw mount system. I know its alot of extra screwin around, but thats what I plan on doin w/ mine when I get my new bucket. that way, even if you screw up, its easy to just remove your visor, & re-do everything. Hope that gives ya some ideas. :)
I don't have a choice! :(
I have a fiberglass helmet which was already painted by the maker and I am in the process of rear mounting a visor to it with minimal damage to the paint. So far I have the rough shape cut out with no damage, so now starts the sanding work. FB helmets are harder than I thought...The visor area is thick and the dust get everywhere!!!!! lol
I do think it's easier to install the visor before the paintjob, just in case there is damage. I just don't have a choice, lol
wow...dats a ot of feed back and sure was handy!

so i guess i'lll get the visor out first.

I think mine will not warp as much, its in a adecent shape since i bought it, maybe some pics will help...

sorrie, the pics cannot be linked externally, so click away!!

had the vents done, and u could see the bucket is in pretty good shape,(at least dats what i think!)

and for the screw on the right cheeck should be filed away for a jango right..??
hmm...the server sucks..hehe..

any way, i went to ask arnd, and this guy who works at the model shop said it was ok to skip the primer stage....i was a bit confused, as most of u strongly advise a prime...

not yet got my primer, but got the rest of the paint, glue and pinstrips...

so...about the primer...any comments?? he said a rough sand would be good enuff to hold and the primer was more to cover and seal up small defects and spot defects then any thing else.... :confused:
I had the same thing. Took my bucket (DP97) to a model shop and the guy said there was no need for primer. I'm about 60% through painting (I'm airbrushing with water based acrylics). I didn't use primer and it looks just fine so far. You must sand it, though, to give the paint a key to hold on to.

My next helmet I probably will prime, just to give myself a clean blank canvass to work on.

I guess it's all down to personal choice.

I'm not a paint expert, however, so I defer to the greater knowledge of anyone else who has good painting experience.

its all painted up now. HAd to manually use a brush and paint over the silver parts of my jango which were covered by some renegade blue spray!!

haha...took me like 1 hour or so, and got a bit of a light headed after the exposure to the paints

will post some pics, stay tuned!!

han hunter, show us what ya have!!
Shall do very soon.

I want to get the base colours on first then I'll get pics up, then update once it's weathered.

Have done the dome/cheeks, mandibles and 1 coat on the back. Have the paint for the Visor T and once a second coat on the back and the T are done, I'll get some pics up. May not be right away due to my 2 week old son taking up the majority of my time and energy.

How about pics of yours?

will be up soon, com is giving me problems....

anyway, i did 2 coats of silver and one for the blue, dunnoe if it will hold well, i didnt remove the old visor as advised, i decided last moment not to as it wun make much of a difference (would it??).

would be cutting it out once i get some brass strips to reinforce the are ya reeinforcing the madibles? urs is a 97 DP right? would be nice to show me..hehe
My mandibles are pretty strong (not often you get to say that!).

Once the acrylic visor is secured in place, I don't think it'll need any strengthening.
ah..u used arcylic visors....mine are kinda flimsy, the visors..not got it yet thou, its still wif a frend of mine....maybe if its good enuff i might not need to reinforce..
Cut out the crap visor first, prime, paint, and then replace with new T visor. I'm sure we could all agree this is the best method.
Just a little note, i recently re-did my visor, and used curved plexi-glass that i found at a garage sale, and then tinted it with a do-it-yourself auto window tint kit from Wal-Mart. Hoo-ra!
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