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I've just taken delivery of this helmet from Australia, I've trimmed it and added a visor in photoshop for effect, but the rest is untouched. It is an alleged cast from an original screen used helmet, it certainly matches all the shots I have. I also have the RF, stalk and housing (all one resin cast) which need trimming and cleaning. The angle of my photo isn't exactly the same as the original, but it's close enough to get a good idea.

I have no intentions of making copies of this, but I am willing to share any info here on TDH (measurements, shape, size etc.)

I will show more detailed pictures over the next few days, if you have any pictures of the real helmet that you would like me to compare to then please publish them here and I'll do my best to show a shot of this helmet side by side.

A couple of immediate things that I noticed upon first inspection, the overall size is very close to the Boba Mystery Helmet (I will take proper measurements soon) and the triangles on the forehead are not as deep as Boba's.

Absolutely prodigious! This should prove most interesting if the alleged helmet was in fact screen used, good luck on the continued research and I can’t wait to see your inclusive findings. :D
Awesome, can't wait to see more pics!

I am cautiously optimistic about its origins...but it looks pretty good so far.
that's a pretty bold claim, so understand its going to be scrutinized. Some point I see are the flare of the back doesn't look flat enough, and the angle mass of the top dome almost looks inverted. In the picture you posted of the real deal, it slopes heavily in the front and rounds out in the back. In this helmet pic, it slopes not so much in the front as it does in the back..

You're right though, the mystery helmet definitely does that front helmet slope. So in many respects I could see how this helmet had its beginnings as a mystery helmet. A recast of the original ? I have my doubts....Do you have any other pics ?
to illustrate my points :

not photoshop accuracy, but on a work computer, only so much you could do with MSpaint.
I am hopeful too. So far the overall look and shape of the helmet is very close - but kristin is right, MORE pics are definitely necessary to analyze whether this is a casting. How great would it be to finally get real measurements off the real thing ! Ahem- BKBT must be going mad !
I'll get some more pics up later. The main problem with comparing pictures is camera lenses, they all add a certain distortion, the actual Jango shot I have used is taken from a distance and my photo is taken up close. I'll have a look for another picture (a different angle) and take another shot of the helmet.

The source is an australian guy who worked on EP1 & EP2. Obviously I can't go into too much detail on him, but I am 100% confident that he worked on both films, but obviously, this does not prove that this helmet is the real deal.

The purpose for posting here is to get opinions from other members, these will help greatly in identifying this piece.

I will also show the RF and Stalk later when I post the other shot.
Very good point, but my helmet is tilted more (right side down) this may be the reason. Let me get more shots taken.
Got Maul said:
to illustrate my points :

not photoshop accuracy, but on a work computer, only so much you could do with MSpaint.
I don't think Jango's helmet was the size of a mystry helmet. Irregardless, your find looks very accurate in itself, weather it comes from the origional or not. Very nice, indeed. Now Seeker's probably want to "upgrade" again. :lol:
OK, heres a load more pics. I haven't added anything in Photoshop, these are how they look. The RF is the only prop that I've carefully cleaned up and sprayed in primer, all the others are still in the 'out of mould' condition.

The helmet is untouched apart from a light coat of primer to show up the imperfections.









I'd have to agree with Foxbat Killer on this. It IS very accurate, from what I can see. A better profile and back view would definatly help.
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