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Hey all!

Does anyone know what material the original screen used ESB cape is? It's a good assumtion that the Jedi/MOM/AoSW capes are green canvas, but the ESB one is very hard to tell. TK409 makes a canvas ESB cape that looks dynamite, but I wonder if anyone knows for sure. In all the screen caps and pics available, it's impossible to tell for sure. The only thing that springs to mind is that it was originally designed to be a sort of "wrap-around" poncho type thing. draped from the left shoulder but fastenable to the right to go accross the body. (See the McQuarrie concept sketches) This would led me to surmise it to be a softer woven jutte material. Similar to the poncho that luke wears in Mos Eisley. Any thoughts?

yups, but there are also pics showing that poncho look on the pre-pro suit.

I own a TK-409 ESB cape and indeed... its dynamite!!! :D

it's awesome and I certainly coulnd't do it any better, but I think that if you look closer to some of the pics, you can actually see that the cape is a one piece construction and that it's of rather thin material, causing it to wave on the wind very elegantly.

The canvas one is rather heavy and sturdy and doesn't really "hang" on your shoulder, it's got a model of it's own and whatever you do, it keeps that model.

I'll try to find some pics later on.
Ive read around here that teh ROTJ cape as actually a part of a millitairy tent, I think the ESB cape is of a simmiliar material.
here some pics... forget the horrible jumpsuit, its a pic of my prototype...
ow and don get me wrong, the TK-409 cape is AWESOME!!!!:cheers

ESB-boba fett cape.jpg

ESB-boba fett cape 2.jpg

ESB-boba fett cape 3.jpg
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