Other Bounty Hunter Open Seasons: Montross "The Brutal" **FINISHED**

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  1. tubachris85x

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    Originally intended to be a "surprise" costume for MegaCon 2014. Due to a mishap with USPS, I was not able to finish on time. Since Star Wars Weekends this year (or the foreseeable future) will not allow much EU to march, I have no real "big" event to debut, therefore I am now disclosing this project openly.

    I started early October/November 2013. This is based on the Open Season comic style. There was much analysis involved into making decisions to transition from comic to real world. The 501st regs state that artistic EU must translate into their movie counterparts, however, while the majority of the pieces of the suit (the actual chest armor, jetpack, boots) are based 100% on the movie designs (with the exception of the paint job), the only issue was the helmet, as the comic style is clearly much different. This was cleared up by the former LMO stating that should I stick to my build plan as outlined, I should not have issues getting 501st approved for this character. This has also been evaluated for Mando Merc approval as well.

    I have every piece on order that I cannot do myself, such as a cold-cast Jetpack kit from NME Props, custom flak vest from Denise Ladyghost Cowles, the custom blaster was built by none-other than Chuck Bowman.
    The Jetpack harness was created by BiggerKidBiggerToys (BKBT- Vince)
    WizardOfFlight (Alan) created custom sized Jango fett armor templates as well to help me with the build. The helmet is a cold cast BKBT/Cruzer Jango kit. Will be using my Kenneth Coles for the boots.

    The flight suit is still being put together as well. The last few things I need to worry about is finishing the chest armor (molding and cold-casting), adding the skull/belt buckle to the leathers, and creating the cape.

    Everything after that is strictly painting and assembly. Since I am no longer on a time crunch, I wish to get this done somewhere before July if possible. Still gonna be lax on posting for this though, but I don't want to wait a year to debut this suit!

    I won't post all of my WIP pics but I'll post the hightlights that I have taken over the course of the build as of now.

    First and foremost, this image right here is telling as to why I chose to do this. Montross is a large man, much like myself. Those who know me can tell you that being at 6'7" and 340lbs is quite large. Granted, I am needing to drop fat.

    I've posted this a few places but figure some of you guys might be interested in this WIP.


    So, I've gotten back into it. I've gotten a new jumpsuit and got to work on my jetpack this week.

    The items I have:

    - Helmet BKBT/Cruzer CC w/ my own sculpted ear caps - 100% - Gonna replace the servo set up

    - Blaster - Woodchuck - 90% - Just needs highlights and weathering

    - Armor - Based off movie style Jango, just scaled to me curtsey of WizardofFlight- 60% - need to finish making the masters, then mold/ cold-cast them

    - Flak vest(s) - 1 from IndyMagnoli and 1 from Ladyghost. The one from Denise is the proper color I need but needs to be re-adjusted for a "tighter" fit since losing weight. Indymagnoli fits well, but wrong color. May sell or get tanned if possible -Still needing to be altered. One person backed out

    - Boots - Ordered rigger Boots from the UK

    - Jetpack - Cold cast by NME props - Just Need to finish weathering and add buckles to wear it

    - Jetpack harness - 2nd prototype from BKBT directly, custom size

    - Leathers - made by Delta - complete for the most part, but need to make custom buckle and "skull" detail

    - Flight-suit - Getting a different set of coveralls

    - Forearm sleeves - Going to re-do these

    Pics from the build up so far, won't post everything though since I'm further along

    ****Rehosted Images****












    More to come, thanks

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  2. BobasDent1138

    BobasDent1138 Member

    Wow! Awesome so far! What did you use for your remote RF setup if you don't mind my asking? Can't wait to see more!
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  3. Syper

    Syper Member

    Yeah Man amazing work, cant wait to see final show off pics. Nice leather work, was that you?
    bad *** Mr. feed us more pics
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  4. tubachris85x

    tubachris85x Well-Known Member

    I'll scrounge up some more build pics to post in the meantime. I've got two commissions I need to work on before I can get back to this. Dragging right now, saw deadmau5 perform last night...3 hours of sleep and now back at work..blah

    - - - Updated - - -

    I used the stickied thread in the Boba helmet section for a build guide. Honestly, the hardest part was trying to source a good RC car to use. Bought one, accidentally fried the stupid thing, but I ended up using the Halo warthog as my controller/receiver.

    The leather work was done by Delta (Michal) on the BHG forums. Great guy to work with and very talented. Patient with me considering this was never done before IRL so I couldn't have asked for anyone better to work with. Very quick too. USPS lost the package for a month and a half though!
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  5. tubachris85x

    tubachris85x Well-Known Member

    Pics of the Cold Cast jetpack by NME Props! Can't wait to get this in and paint it up!




    One of my two flak vest should be shipping out this week as well....
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  6. syllander

    syllander Active Member

    Costume is looking great man. Love the weathering on the helmet, really looks like it has been kicking around for seasons. I know little about the EU SW stuff, but this is way cool. Looks like there are no gauntlets? Just some type of long glove?
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  7. tubachris85x

    tubachris85x Well-Known Member

    Yep, he's the only Mando character from this comic that doesn't wear traditional fett/mando guants. I got a pair of "arm-gloves" (actually fire-resistent) but I may try to find something else as these don't fit me as well as I'd like.
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  8. syllander

    syllander Active Member

    I like it. Nice seeing another non-traditional Mandalore. Gonna have to start hitting the curls pretty hard though. You see the guns on that dude!!!lol
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  9. syllander

    syllander Active Member

    Not to be the nag, but the quote you are answering about above was taken from your statement a few entries above. Yet another web site spammer. I've reported a few but they seemed to quit deleting their accounts.

    Never mind, they zapped em!
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  10. tubachris85x

    tubachris85x Well-Known Member

    Blah, Missed that. Tired today....
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  11. tubachris85x

    tubachris85x Well-Known Member

    Today I received my first of two flak vests, this one being from Ladyghost. I can't stress how high quality and professional this is, down to the piping and the liner. It's beyond exceptional.

    As predicted though, my weight loss shows. The measurements I gave initially for this were much larger, and now, while it "fits" me, it's doesn't have that "snug" look I need. Aside from having the mid-section reduced, the shoulders will need to be cut down as they are covering most of my shoulders, which need to be exposed.

    Forgive it's rough appearance so far, but I dressed myself up to this point, so I know for future reference I need someone there to help when I put my belt on and such. The rear is not pulled down tight and it appears un-even and un-centered with the JP harness straps. I'm going to also have to play around with the harness. It's adjustable fortunately but I'll have to make it such that it works well with the vest as to not cause distortions.

    So, looking at this, it tells me I need to hold off for awhile before I can really move forward on making the necessary adjustments if I don't want to keep spending money. The belt I can finish up, but I'll have to add more velcro to it as parts of it need to be more stable and overall tightened up, again, due to weight loss.

    All in all, I'd rather have this current dillema where I can cut VS being too fat and having to start completely over!

    And I didn't have padding in the helmet, so yea, looks weird...



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  12. syllander

    syllander Active Member

    Looks like you may have to take it in a bit huh? Dude, you'll totally be able to pull off Montross. Gonna be a bada$$ costume Chris.
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  13. eagerly

    eagerly New Member

    That looks amazing bro, coming along nicely \m/
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  14. tubachris85x

    tubachris85x Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys!

    Just frustrating that I can't spend the time on this currently as well as the fact that I need to wait a few months to get moving on the soft parts :/
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  15. tubachris85x

    tubachris85x Well-Known Member

    The jetpack is IN! AND IT IS GORGEOUS!!! Pictures absolutely DO NOT do it justice....it has a mirrored shine to it and if you didn't know any better, you'd honestly believe this was actually machined metal!!



    It is now starting to take shape...


    Stay tuned.....

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  16. eagerly

    eagerly New Member

    Chris this looks so cool. Your flying along with your build now. Looking great buddy. Looking great \m/
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  17. eagerly

    eagerly New Member

    Chris, I will be following your build real close. I am going to use your CRL as you have put so much work into it. Do you have a time scale on your suit, would love to see how you plan on doing the stripes / lines on the leg pieces, any chance you can point me in the direction of some boots, as close a match to your ones buddy ?

    Loving this build, if only I had the cash to follow you on the jet pack, Looking sweet bro.
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  18. tubachris85x

    tubachris85x Well-Known Member

    Thanks buddy :) I added you on FB btw!

    The stripes on the legs, I am having added via stitching on the flightsuit. I'm still waiting for it to be completed by member "Bleahhh" here on TDH. They are adding a bit of foam in the proper shape on the knees as well. So we will see once it's finished.

    As for the boots, I am actually using my kenneth coles which are the same exact sole as the Pit Crew boots. They are very hard to come by and the fact I got them in size 16s at all is nothing short of a miracle!
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  19. DanzoFett

    DanzoFett Member

    Looking great dude :)
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  20. NoGoodToM3D3ad

    NoGoodToM3D3ad Jr Member

    JP Came polished?
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  21. tubachris85x

    tubachris85x Well-Known Member

    yep! Sure did.
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  22. Shiny94

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    Gorgeous jetpack! Keep up the good work, I'm excited to see this thing all finished up.
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  23. tubachris85x

    tubachris85x Well-Known Member

    Getting back to this slowly. I'm nearly done with some responsibilities but I'd like to get this back in motion. I've already ordered coveralls to re-make the flightsuit and start over there.

    I'm also in the process of acquiring new employment but will be moving. I'd like to get what I can done while I'm still here.

    I'm thinking of getting back to the armor and starting work on the jetpack (to get all the pieces mountable, ready for paint.


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  24. eagerly

    eagerly New Member

    Glad to see this has restarted buddy
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  25. isamudiason

    isamudiason New Member

    Gland to see you starting this up again.

    Your build has started me looking at the cold cast parts a lot more as I'm liking the raw metal look. which inspired me to order my bucket from animefan, but it appears NME Props dose not do the cold cast jump packs any longer. least its not mention on their site.
    Good luck with the build hope to see more soon.
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