Okay - I did a search that gave me nothing on...

Seeing as how my custom helmet is near completion (externally) as can be seen in the Helmet catagory... the primary armor is next on the completion list I find myself asking:

HOW has everyone been painting the mandalorian skull on the shoulder armor?

Do you use build/cut a template/stencil of the logo and spray it on? Hand paint it? Is there some sort of sticker out there I need to track down (then paint over since I'm doing custom colors)?

What's the deal here people??? How do so many of you have such perfect mandalorian skulls on your shoulders?


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people make that sticker, if you search around here, I'm sure you'll find someone making them from time to time. Ebay is another good source, or if you have a friend in the sticker/sign biz, that would work to!:)


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The real suit's skull emblem was a decal, not painted on, which is why I think most people go that route. I have seen a few painted ones that looked pretty sharp, but for the sake of accuracy, I'd go with a decal. The average price for one is around $5 (US).
Okay - so it is a decal.
But --- are there any available anywhere anyone knows of? I'll likely have to put it on and paint over it in the colors of my armor... but it's a good start I guess.

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Check the Cargo Hold RIGHT NOW.


Hey cool - I didn't notice they'd added the shoulder decal to the available list of for sale.
I just PM'd the originator to see if I can still get in on the sale and such.

I'll search e-bay too.


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I printed mine off a color printer from a graphic I found on the Internet, then carefully painted it and glued it on. Looks fine.


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Some office stores sell sticky paper. Copy the emblem, print it out on paper. Trial and error the sizes to fit your shoulder armor. Print it out on the sticky paper. Cut it out and put it on your armor. Try it, just incase you dont find someone you can buy a real decal from.


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There is a gentleman on here that did a run where you could buy the ESB one or the ROTJ. He has both and yes, there is a difference between the two. :)

John Barrows, Jr.


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Used an x-acto knife and decal paper and made my own decals. I'd just buy the decal from someone, it's cheaper and faster than buying whole sheets of uncut decal paper.


I printed out a file (think I still have it - can be resized with no pixilating) and cut a stencil. Then I taped it in place and then painted it. Was a little tough, but the results were nice.