OK, I'm going to attempt scratchbuilding a bucket.


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Is there a parts list around? Can most of this stuff (aside from the batting helmet) be purchased at Home Depot?

I have been inspired by all the talent on this board :)

shopping list......

Batting helmet
shears (thats what i used to cut it up)
1 can of bondo, 1 tube of bondo spot putty
exacto knife
The plastic (I used styrene)
Heat source for bending the plastic (I used a bic lighter)
Glue (Plastic weld)
various grits of sand paper from seriously rough to fine

and last but not least I used the measurements from TK-409's web site:)
I appreciate it......Lemme know if I can help you with anything and Good luck!!
Oh yeah, after you trim the visor and ears off the batting helmet turn it backwards (so your dent will be on the back of the batting helmet if that makes sense)
yeah, I heated the dome with the lighter till it turned black then stuffed the round end of a broom into it.:lol: Sounds like a hack way of doing it but it worked.
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cool. im trying to find a local place to get styrene, but i dont see it on the home depot website. is there an alternative that i can find locally?
Kripps, I got a question for you. What is the diameter of the batters helmet dome? The dome I need for my scratch built needs to be at least 31" around at the bottom.

creamedgeezer, Good luck. It is definitely possible to make a great helmet from scratch.:D
That looks exactly like the one I have...er...mangled. They come in different sizes though. I tried 3 on and bought the larger of the 3.
What should the length be around the helmet? I'm gonna have to bring a tape measure to the sporting goods store, lol.

Also, are there alternatives to styrene i can look into?
Creamed - You can buy those large "For Sale" signs at HD or Lowes. They are made from styrene. Usually the big ones run about $8.

Good luck!
Bought my supplies today :)

Now I need to make time to build this thing. How tall should I cut the batting helmet, is there an exact measurement for the height of the dome?

I didn't measure it when I cut it. I just cut it right above the curves where the visor of the batting helmet ended. I took a piece of long masking tape and wrapped it around the whole dome so it was straight and went at it with the shears. I can tell you that from the top of my browline under the triangle "directionals" to the top of the brow above the keyslot area is 14 3/4 inches right over the top following the curve of the dome. Hope that helps.
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