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Originally posted by bigkidbiggertoys:

I was just going to use auto pinstriping to do mine after I finished painting and polishing my helmet. You can get it in different widths and is easily available. I suppose that if you wanted that "painted look" you could build up a clearcoat over top and block sand it level with say 1500 grit and hit it with a polishing compound after. Any other ideas out there?
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I used Rustoleum Brand Navy blue and Brilliant blue. It really turned out well.
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This is COBALT Blue, with alittle flat black mixed in for the darker blue areas.

for sale
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Here are some I snapped at Celebration2

jango_jet pack04.jpg
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I just traced my helmet & made a pattern from it where I wanted the neck hole & individual panels. Then I had to use this to make the construction templates with the seam allowances. Sew everything togther, add velcro & you're set. This is very time consuming & I really can't elaborate on the steps listed because that is it. It is alot of work & you have to be familiar with sewing & pattern making. Email me at for more details.;)
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as Im new, is that a Don Post one?
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Negative. It's a GF fiberglass original. Pretty cool, eh? Unfortunately they are no longer available, so don't ask.
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Here's the helmet for now. I'll present the whole armor at celebration 2.


<img src=>

<img src=>

<img src=>
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Hey Arturo, first off, sweet armor, I saw it at Celebration II. Secondly, how did you weather you'r helmet? what did you use for the black scuffing? It's perfect whatever it is!
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Thanks man. I weathered my armor by dabbing and just wiping around acrylic paint made by Liquitex. You could bye them at any art supply store. Its the ivory black. What i did was getting a paper towel wet then dip in the acrylic paint then move around until the water deludes. Go softly with the paint dont put to much. Work slow.

hope it helps.
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Some of you requested my helmet colors. Here ya go.

1. Face color is American Accents(garden color collection) made by Rust-Oleum #7938 Wildflower Blue. My was satin.

2. Lower check and ears and top of range finder is Rust-Oleum # 7727 Royal Blue.

<image src=>
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FettsBounty.... Thats one of the best shaped 97's I've seen!!
Did you do any mods as far as reshapeing the shape???
I just picked up a white 95 helmet to start my Jango maniquinn.
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I didn't make any modifcations at the shape of the helmet. It came that way! I bought it at Target when they sold the DP masks. The odd thing about this one is that it appears to be pulled from a DP Deluxe. It's got that ''chipped paint'' look to it, unlike the other '97 helmets I've seen. Maybe it was part of limited run of some sort?

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Hi! My name's Jason and I do post occassionally on the RPF. I've been around there for 3 years but still far from being "famous" there ;) Although I do spend a lot of time at BOTB (Brotherhood of the Bat---I'm the guy who made the board) and also at

I live right outside Indianapolis and I recently finished my trooper armor and had an awesome time doing the Wizards of the Coast promotion run on Thursday and also working at C2!

Seeing the Jango's at C2, I first have to say AWESOME job!!! Especially whoever it was that had that pistol twirling thing before you stick it in your holster down pat ;) Yeah, I saw you!!! :p lol

Anyway, I'm thinking of doing a Jango suit but haven't done much research on it at all. I've tried to read most of the posts here and I didn't see anything on this subject other than paint schemes, etc. (which that was very helpful!) :)

I have a '97 DP Boba helmet that I got a ways back. I've already cut out the visor and basically it's set on my shelf ever since then. I just never got around to replacing the visor, repainted, etc....but now I'm glad I didn't! Because from my understanding, there are some that fill in the dent, sand off the..umm...thingy on the right side of the helmet (yes, thingy is a technical term) ;) and then paint the helmet to match Jango's. I was just wondering what is used to fill in the dent? It's a putty of some sort, I do believe, you let it harden then sand it, correct? Also any tips on modifying this helmet?

Sorry if I'm coming off as very unknowledgable on all this but..well...honestly I am ;) lol Any suggestions, tips, etc. you would like to share, please do as I'm certainly open to any of them :)
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Here's my Helmet.


This is also a DP '97. As for filling in the dent, one word, BONDO. This stuff is great, it's a plastic body filler mainly used for cars but it has become a great friend to all proppers around the world! :p You can pick it up at any Auto Parts store (heck, even Wal-Mart sells it), a small can for about $7-9 bucks. Just follow the directions on the label, fill in the dent and sand the bondo flush with the surface of the helmet. Just make sure you scuff up the dent really well before applying the Bondo. I can't really give you any tips on painting the helmet because I didn't paint it :) But I'm sure some of the other guys (Seeker?) can help you out. Welcome to the board and I hope you enjoy your stay :D

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Try that Rub N' Buff that they used! I got some on Friday, and it really looks great! I tried it on a Rubies blaster handle, no re-painting or anything, and it looked VERY good! I put it on the helmet, VERY good! So I went anhead and out it all over the rest of the armor pieces! I used to have problems with the holster leg straps wearing the paint out on the thigh pieces, hopefully this may solve that problem?
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Well, finished until I can get a nice, accurate sized, fiberglass one. This is with the Rub N' Buff.
With and without flash (the flash really brightens up the lighter blue)...


And back and inside, with lining

And here's the finished gun (with missing copper piece above trigger). Most of the gun is resin, but the barrel is metal. I tried the same trick that was used to make the movie suit look like metal, and it worked VERY well. Rub N' Buff was also used on this.

And here's a detail of part of the gun, notice the spun aluminum look...
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Very nice!

What helmet did you start with?
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The helmet looks great,
I love the lining,I also used black felt.I may jus have to gut my helmet and go with the quilted lining.But seriously
very nice job.Did I mention I love your lining?
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The helmet is a '95 DP. I've used the RNB on all of the armor pieces, but they don't have the aluminum detail like the gun. I do plan on remaking my entire costume, and forming my own armor pieces from resin/fiberglass. That way, I'll be able to give it the true aluminum detail.
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