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you need a bespin guard pistol for fetts side arm, at the moment i dont know of anyone who builds or sells them but if you can find a jango pistol and paint and weather it i beleive this would work just fine. no body will really notice if its holstered. good luck!!!!
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If you can wait until April 23rd, Hasbro is coming out with two versions of the pistols. There is a two pack that shoots darts and there is a single that is electronic with lights and sound. And the most surprising part? They are accurate!
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Time is getting short, and I need to settle on some type of side arm for my ESB suit, so how about a Jango side's family. If ya got one and would like to me out with this LMK.
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Kevin, I have a Bespin Guard Blaster from the person you paid. I was very displeased; it was from an original, but has tons of air bubbles. His eBay auction had only a picture from the visual dictionary, so I should have known. I paid an outrageous sum for it, and will probably never use it since Jeremy told me he never wore the sidearm during filming! It has the oval bottom of the butt.
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This pic shows the imperfections. I bought it, assembled and painted, in an auction in July of 2001.

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I scaled that bad boy down just a bit. :)
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I highly recommend getting a Bespin sidearm. I have one for my Jodo outfit and I`m trying to get the holster redone to look like Kast`s. Try over at the RPF if someone knows something.

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I was just watching ESB in widescreen laser disc format and noticed that Fett did in fact have a pistol hanging from his belt. Now, I've heard that Jeremy Bulloch said he never wore a pistol in that role, but it's there, I swear. Maybe he was talking ROTJ.

Perhaps his (Jeremy) statement of not wearing a sidearm was just a rumor, or maybe he simply forgot (memory is often unreliable).

Of course, the ESB version I was watching was the Special Edition, so if what Jeremy said is true, that would mean that Fett was replaced in the SE (which I highly doubt).

If anyone is interested, I can try to get some screen caps to prove my point.
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Max, same here. I've been capping ESB like a mad-man for the Ref 2.0 disk, and yes the side-arm is there!

Jeremy, great guy. Great to fans. Great to have been Boba Fett. But unfortunately, some of things he says has to be taken with a grain of salt. I always use this as my top example, but Jeremy has said in numerous interviews that the helmet was metal...Ummm....

I don't believe they added any additional Fett footage to the SE, which is what I have been capping from. So I think Jeremy just got a little cornfused.
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can you post any pics?im just in the begining stages of my fett, so far i have ammo puches and 75% of the jet pack done.its would great to see some pics of his sidearm.i have only seen one pic of it before.

im going to have to scrutinze ESB......again!!!!...:lol:
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Heh, it's so weird that I never could see the pistol before. But I'm glad to know that it's there.

I'll try to pull a few grabs and post them here tonight.

Not gonna get any prop reference-worthy shots, but here are 2 shots for proof anyway:

You can clearly see the full length of the holster and barrel here:

This one on the star destroyer you can see the barrel tip:
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And here I thought this was common knowledge now ;) Just check out the Action Figure Archive,'s got a few nice clear shot of the holster/sidearm.

Now if only the actualy speargun can be found,....THAT would be some nice new info.

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If you look at the 300th edition Boba Fett action figure, you can see the blaster and holster. It's probably the best reference.
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Not that I own one,but I've heard that the Marmit Fett is also an excellent point of reference for this particular peice,especially the holster.Mine was modeled after it :)

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The Marmit picture reminds me of an old .22 target pistol made by Ruger, has that been looked into?
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I just checked the Ruger's and they are similar , but not quite. The main problem is I have yet to see a "pistol" with the indentations in the grip.

Check out these Nemrod spear guns, and I think you will see it is the right track- check the grip on the middle speargun...And these were made in the 70's...


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