*Official* Post your web links

Mine also was in my signature, I don't remember if it still is. My bandwidth usage has exceeded my limit. It's not really a big deal because I work for them and it's a free account, but still :)

For pictures of my many zany misadventures in costuming, (as well as some funny [and some not so funny] captions) visit:

and for my custom action figures you may check out:
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Let's see my current project is actually an old project resurrected from pre-LFL webpage killing and can be seen at http://www.bobafett.us

and my other site that I moderate as an owner is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/starwarsempireiv/ which is just a minor SW Fan site and discussion board, but if you like fantasy sports we do just about all of them and currently just set up our Fantasy Football league which is open to anyone who'd like to join *cough cough hint hint* including all here too...
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Mine is http://www.systemofthestaind.cjb.net even tho many of you prolly have been there already to see my helmet

Im very proud of my website, ive been working on it since December 18th and i dont believer it will ever be done
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