*Official* Post your web links


Lamros Synn

My on line Leathercraft portfolio is www.ashtonomicon.com .
It's still rather new but there is plenty to see there . I'm adding to it weekly and slowly filling in titles and descriptions for all of my creations .

Ashton Synn
NyghtCraft Leatherwerks
TI-6512 NEG

Zam I Am

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Wow, it's interesting to see who's redone their sites, and who's just plain given up the website idea. On a previous thread, my new site is up, same domain. www.zamiam.com


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How have I never seen this thread before? Who keeps diggining these up?
Great sites everyone. I guess I need a banner too!!!
Some may know this others may not, but here is my little piece of cyberspace.
I updated my site, I hadn't since before comic con. I figured maybe it would be a good idea.
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