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Mr & Mrs Fett's first date


Anyone who has ever worn a helmeted costume, be it Fett or otherwise is sure to get this one!!!!


BTW, I got this from Britt at www.bobafettmp.com. If you aren't a frequent visitor to that site you should be!!! Britt is going to play a MAJOR role in helping us out with secondary reference material for the Fett Ref DVD (previosuly known as Fett Ref CD 2.0).

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In the new Star Wars Uber Special Edition to be released on DVD, GL has strived to make more and more improvements to his "unfinished" work. But since we all know that George's deck has lost a number of cards over the years, some of these improvements have proven to be not so great. Case in point: the following pic is a production shot of the reworking of Boba Fett's death in ROTJ. George decided that instead of having the vaunted bounty hunter die in a hole in the ground, he would have him eaten by a giant evil kiwi.

Submitted for you approval....

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Did somebody say drums??? ;) Here's my 18 drums and 26 Zildjians and various percussion thingies.....

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Just in case my original thread gets deleted...My wife just quit her job at the ARMY lodging (which gave me enough time to do FETT stuff while she was gone, including receiving packages with FETT stuff in the mail or UPS) :evil, and now she's all the time in the house. Now she discovered all my FETT expenses thru my banking account by phone, even when I shredded the bank statements for the past 4 months! :cry HEEEEEEEELLLP! What should I do???:facepalm (Not to kill her, please!) That's why I call her "Inspector Gadget"!:lol:

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I've been in paintball when it used to be really paint in them. (god I'm old) any ways this subject reminded me that in the back of one of my paintball magazines was this cartoon.


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I stumbled across this site a year or two ago after doing a web search on...something.

Anyway, a fellow TDH member asked me to do a banner for him and, long story short, I remembered the site and used it as inspiration.

It's three years old, none of the pictures show up, none of the links work, but nevertheless I think it's really funny. Especially the stuff about Dengar.

A quick look at the bounty hunters of Star Wars

Enjoy! :D

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OH YEAH!!!! If this line from the website listed above doesn't DEFINE TDH, I don't know what does...

"Here's the James Dean of the Star Wars trilogy. Fans love this guy like a god. Why? Well...they'll tell you it's because of his cold, calculating attitude. Or his unbelievable bounty hunter ability. But I'll tell you the truth. We love him because he has a really cool looking suit."

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