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Here's my scratchbuilt ROTJ blaster. I still need to add some stock plates and I am going to get a new grip sometime but this is it for now.

Here is my blaster.


I have added the fins and side greebles, I will get new pics up soon.
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For my rifle, I used Rustoleum Gray Primer for the base color, with heavy, controlled misting of Rustoleum Red Primer. I weathered it further with Krylon Ultra-Flat Black, and spot detailed by hand with Testors Gray and Flat Black. I know that the stock of the ROTJ blaster was painted too, but the wood stock that I made was just too cool. Other than the paint job and the stock, it's all due to our friendly neighborhood Spiderman. His rifle rocks!

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The ROTJ "SpideyBlaster©" kicks serious butt! Buy one TODAY! :D

<font color="#00FFFF">(LED bar graph, slide switch, rifle sling swivel, and side greeblies not included with kit)

I gotta tell you guys... The more I look at it, the more I love that "Black Pearl" paint I used for my gun! :D It's black when it's in low lighting, but develops a metallic "sheen" when a light (or camera flash) hits it. :)
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Finally finished my ROTJ Blaster over the Holidays. It's one of webslinger's VERY nice kits !

The pics aren't too good, but you get the idea !

blaster full.jpg

blaster close.jpg
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For my stock I didn't have to use a stain b/c I had a nice piece of hardwood that a nice reddish-brown color to it. For yours (that is wood right?) I'd mix up some acrylic paint, burnt sienna(red/brown) or burnt umber(dk brown) with a little water for a stain. I used some satin finish instead of a varnish. That would look a little too shiny for an old blaster. Oh and resin does need a light sanding to take paint, and I agree that you need to take your time on those fins. Most of my time was spent sanding them so they would be flush to the barrel, you won't regret it!

See, nice and flush!
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Well it has been a work in progress and will be until I get the correct gloves, cape, and eventually an ESB blaster, but here is my latest addition. I received this ROTJ fett blaster in kit form and finally have it all together and ready for a paint job. I know this isn't the correct style blaster for the paint scheme I went with regarding Boba, but hey, in the Special Edition A New Hope, he had the ROTJ weapon, so we have to assume he has many blasters, LOL.

Anyway, I will post another pic once I have detailed the blaster.

Please post pics if you can of some up close blaster pics, so I can see what some have done regarding weathering of the piece.

Take care,
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I kinda was leaning towards a long-range sort of piece, so was quite interested in the longer weapons carried by the Stormtroopers. Unfortunately, a non-functional Kraut MG-34, which the props were built on, runs as high as $1,000 US at times. A bit steep, especially considering how many dishonest baggage handlers there are out there. I opted to scratchbuild my own as a hybrid of the MG-34, and the MG-42. I've taken alot of creative license, but I'm really getting the desired effect. As you can see from the pics, it breaks down. This with the help of a push button like those found on patio umbrella poles. Overall length is 53.5 inches; breaksdown into two equal length pieces for carry/travel.

Still to go;
Various geegaws, doodads, and greeblies for aesthetic purposes.



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Here're my ESB blasters.

The rifle is nearly correct but the barrel end needs to be properly tapered with a flash tube etc. I also need to paint a few details, like gold on the grip etc.

The sidearm is cast from an original Bespin security pistol.


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ROTJ Blaster

Here is my BlasTech EE-3 SOTE/ROTJ version


I started of with a Resin cast of a real Webley WW I Flair gun, the stock mount was made out of aluminum and the stock it self was made out of wood.
Once I got that by mail, I added a bunzen burner muzzle to it wich gave a super effect when looking in to the barrel.
I then gave the Blaster a Black primer coat next came the gun black paint.
I weathered it with Humbrol model paint a mix of aluminum, silver and gun metal, the stock was weathered with some earth tones
I finished it with a coat of matt varnish and poliched it just a bit to give it that parkerised look real old guns have.
I gave the inside barrel a coat of Hi Gloss varnish to make shure the copper bunzen burner muzzle dosn't go green on me
This is so far my Jaster Blaster :D, it's still in the stages of weathering & I'll be adding a strap soon & some grips at the nose of the Rifle.

The Rust part of this Blaster is as the Jaster Mereel Story goes, Jaster's toys were always on the "Older" side of things. He hardly got rid of any of his equipment, let alone his trusty Rifle. That's where the Rust factor comes into play. Pics are as follows, enjoy:



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Well, here it is so far. I wasn't to happy with the darkness of the wood. I didn't want to paint it all black, I like a wood look, just wish it was darker. I haven't weathered it yet. I painted the handles a semi-gloss black because I didn't want it to appear that it was molded to the gun.

Love to hear what ya think and any helpful suggestions.

Thanks and have a great Easter and Passover!
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This was my first blaster. I've since built a Spidey kit - see below...

I assembled, painted, and weathered this ROTJ-like blaster from a resin kit. I added the functional scope and used the MOM Photos for weathering reference. Common tempera paints (from a craft store) worked great for weathering. I primered it, then painted flat black. After weathering, I rubbed on some of that wet-black tire spray for cars to shine certain areas for a gun-metal-like appearance without making it too glossy. I love that Reference cd! :D

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Okay, I've done about enough on this baby. I haven't given any thought to the bipod yet, and may or may not add one. At any rate, here she is. I'm pretty happy with it. As you can see, I've added a few things.


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I think I have the one with the new scope.

Well, I have my blaster finished, following Jedi-Bob's instructions and method, but a little bit tweaked by me. Here it is...



I primed everything with Automotive gray primer (except for the scope, I took it out before anything else). Then, I sprayed the blaster with Walmart brand Silver and once it dryed I sprayed everything with Flat Black.
For the grips, I used the Krylon Ruddy Brown Primer first, and then the Gloss Black on top, with a soft coat of Matte finish cause it was too sticky before that. After drying, I made the scratches all over (scope on) with a wire sponge.

The stock I painted with Minwax Wood Finish "Red Mahogany" instead of "Jacobean" (they didn't have it at Walmart). I added the details with the same procedure as before for the gun and before installing them in the stock (of course). I went the dowel method to install the stock connector and grips, which I used metal rods instead of wood for more resistance and durability. And the stock is detachable, cause I used Wood Screws to unscrew the stock in case I pack it somewhere for ease and space.

I have to add the "rusty" details later on with Testors Rust to give it a more realistic look, and probably some Flat Gray spots, but not sure. Like Jedi-Bob said before, I don't want it to look like the MoM blaster...too much weathered.

Webslinger...YOU'RE THE BEST!!!:D(y)

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Here's some more pics of my blaster...
I had the newer type of scope with the connecting bar, but to make mine more accurate I cut the bar with a dremel and spaced the scope mounts wider apart. My grip is a Krylon black gloss while the rest of the blaster is flat black.

Oh yeah, and I love the working scope!
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Heres a few pics of my Fett blaster

Thanks to RA for the wood stalk and metal grip attachment. the leather strap came from an old beat up Postal bag

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I got bored the other day so I decided to convert these plastics toys, into Bad@$$ sidearms! The pic is kind of crappy cuz I had to use my cheapo digital camera. So what do you guys think?

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This was my weekend project, the whole weekend practically. I wanted it for some upcoming cons that are coming up. This was made to go with my custom fett outfit. The base pieces consist of a droid blaster, downspout gutter, various sized pvc tubing, red plexiglass, assortment of knobs, pc boards, leds and one neon tube. This thing is BIG too, shooting for the intimidating factor. :)









night time lighting of the gun
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