Off Subject but Predator Suit?


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Anyone know how to make one? or a place i can figure out because after im done with my Mandalorian Armor im planing to make a predator suit. Anyone made one before who can help me?
Thank you for that link Mr Fett. This is going to help me a lot with the post I just put up about foam, foam rubber and latex.
Eagleskull, no body cast. I bought a pre-made latex Predator muscle suit for the body. I'm super skinny so I had to pad the insides to make me fill out a bit.

My armor is mostly resin and fiberglass.
you guys know where i can find that clicking noise that the pred does? I want to use it for something and loop the sound.
Man im in a trip box, i dont know what to get for my birthday my limit is 150 and i can ether get a Predator Bio Helmet, or a pair of ESB gauntlets, What do you think i should get?
Tell you the truth, If you already have a ESB done and you just want to upgrade. Then Id hold off and go for the predator. Thats just me!
I finally got a Bio Helmet and im very happy how it looks lol but im going to start on the dreads out of clay and cast them but does any1 know what cold foam is???
Cold foam is a type of latex that cures at room temperature and does not need to be baked. There are several issues with it though. It tends to be exceedingly porous and the bubbles within the interior are large sometimes leaving pockets. It also must be used in a very well ventilated area due to the fact that it releases an Isocyanate gas when curing. (Cyanide Gas)
The foam latex you bake and is often used for Special F/X prosthetic appliances has a very little bubbles within the piece when done and is typically very flexable depending on the grade. One set back to foam latex though is that the oils from your skin break down the composition of the material. So it should be maintained with care and armoralled regularly.
Cold foam is what's used most for Predator dreads. You can make them look better by coating them in latex, or leave them as is. I've seen nice looking masks with both styles.
You should post a pic of the ones we dipped Mr. Fett.
They are the cold foam dipped in jet black slush layex.
Don't have any really good close-ups right now, but this one has me on the left with the cold foam dreads dunked in Monster Maker's dipping latex (though some people airbrush colored latex onto dreads as well), the one in the middle is the foam backer-rod with the tips sanded down to points, and the one on the right is cold foam without any added latex. That one has dread rings molded right into the mold.

I love those Hunters and now more then ever want Cold foam locks, Hey Mrfett you didnt get the locks for king jamie did you or you made them?
The ones on the middle Pred are from King Jamie. He uses the polyfoam backer rod.....but a better version than the normal backer rod. Mine are from another guy who doesn't make them anymore. They were white, and E2K13 and I dunked them in dipping latex (mixed with black latex dye) and hung up to dry.

I didn't use any dread rings there, but now I'm using some.
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