Hand sculpted Brotherhood of Steel Suit (Fallout)


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Hi everyone!

I am new to the forum but have been stumbling across it for a long time! I finally broke down and registered. haha

Anyway, about a year ago, I sculpted a Brotherhood of Steel helmet, molded it, then fabricated finished pieces out of fiberglass backed urethane resin. I've been saving up and finally have enough to start up the full suit sculpture! Everything is sculpted by hand and molded. No pep! I have some pretty awesome plans for it, so even though this isn't Boba Fett... I'd still like input!! I'll be posting pictures here throughout the sculpting, molding, fabrication and finishing, feel free to comment!

Thanks guys!


This is the chest piece sculpted with one of my helmets.. just for looks before molding.

This is the back, prior to sealing and molding

Torso divided up and coated with a detail coat

Front half of the mold done! Now onto the back!


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How's the project coming since you last posted? Any more photos of the step by step process of your build?

Looking forward to seeing them and your description when you've got time.




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Hi Colt and welcome to the boards!
I watched your progress on the helmet on FB and was quite blown away. While I don't know the suit itself very well I can't really offer any input, but after seeing your helmet I have full confidence in your abilities to knock the armor out of the park. Looking forward to your progress!


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The helmet looks great!!! If you were able to do that without a pep file, then I'm sure the suit should be no problem for ya. And from what I can see in those pics, the armor is looking great too. Great job man!