Correct color for PrePro1 flight suit, I'm color blind please help.


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Using some of the images from the Gallery is a bit deceiving, as most of the Pre-Pro #1 and Pre-Pro #3 colors have a strange (mostly blue) hue on them. Here is an example:


Using these images as a guide, especially that the Pre-Pro #2 suit had the Pre-Pro #1 abdominal plate, while the Promo suit has the Pre-Pro #1 left chest plate:

Boba-Fett-Costume-Second-Prototype-21a.jpg Boba-Fett-Promotional-Armor-2-06a.png Color Corrected.jpg

The result is this:


You can clearly see that in the color corrected image the flight suit changed its color from light blue to a light gray-blue.

The flight suit material has a close color to the color corrected image, so you are on the right track with your build.


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I think the color could easily be achieved with the correct mixture of a few ounces of RIT evening blue dye and possibly a few tablespoons of india ink in a small dye bath, similar to the way an esb suit would be dyed from white. If youre using a bull denim or canvas as it appears to be, the colors shouldnt absorb that much into it, "blueing" it up a little if need be.


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image.jpg Incredible! I was also shown I should find a cotton twill cloth. This sample I has is duck canv. I'll head up North and try and locate the C. Twill in this color. I'll also look into those INKs. I won a $150 card to Joann's from this weekend Cosplay contest and since this armor has already taken all my $$ I think the makers telling me it's soft parts time. Again thank you for your help! I'll post a update sample soon.
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image.jpg Ok so I just got back and I found a cotton twill white and inks ( grey, blue ) tonight I will try and boil up a color and post some samples.

I got 6 yards to be sure :p

Next I will search for Vest matirial and Cape.

Just gotta say again, thank you guys for helping me to make this right and correct. Growing up with a restoration shop owner as a father I have a burning desire to hold to the original design as much as I can.
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