Noobie w/ glasses - DOH!

Okay, I'm someone who is looking at going Fett. Have read through a few links. Haven't tried different buckets on (I am a Tk with an FX lid). But I wear glasses. Are there any fetts out there that are also glasses wearers? How do you get around it? What do you wear? CAn you say (I appreciate that there are a few things you can and can't say). PM's would be fine. I have worn contacts in the past but haven't in a few years so it is not my preference to buy contacts for the coupe of times a year I'm in costume, unless there is no other way. I open myself to the forum... :)
:lol: It would be really cool to just get a big piece of perscription lens for the T-visor
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JoNich said:
:lol: It would be really cool to just get a big piece of perscription lens for the T-visor

Karen Traviss, the author of the star wars novel "Republic commando: Hard Contact" recieved a mandalorian helmet and had a prescription t-visor put in, so it is possible.
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Never thought about a persription lens! That'll stop people borrowing the bucket from me! However, if the perscription chnges, ya, de, ya. Might be more money than its worth, though a good option.

Does anyone wear glasses with a Fett Helmet?
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i am an optical tech and that is all I do all day, I wonder what the labs would think of this....hmmm think I will place an order for a T-visor with a -2.50 sph and a -50 cyl Poly lens see what they do :lol:
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Yes its definitely possible,they do make scuba masks with your perscription lens. So maybe try the route and just add the tint yourself or they may be able to do it for you.I too am a prisoner of glasses. Also add the rainx defogger to the inside of the lens.
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I wear contacts most of the time so I don't have too much trouble. There is a new type of contact out now that you wear only at night and it reshapes you eye meaning that you no longer need to wear contacts or glasses during the day. It is totally reversible as well.
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It's definigely worth getting contact lenses - Specs will fog up even worse than just a visor!

Is there no local opticians offering free trials of 1-day lenses?
Sign up for that, and just use a pair when you need to Troop :)
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I have come to the conclusion that contacts is the way. Oh well, just another expence, but on the overall cost of the oufit, probably one of the smallest!!

Thanks all...
well, i know that there is a company that made inserts that when in your paintball mask that were the shape like glasses that set on the lens, and so you could see out your lens and not have to wear your glasses.
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