MC Cast, w/Ears and All Vintage Floquils.

Deja Fett

New Hunter
Well I guess you don’t see these together very often. MC full package of course. Nothing but amazing things to say about thier customer service. They made this adults, childhood dreams come true. Thank you.

Each of these by themselves is hard to believe but to have these both I’m still in a bit of shock. Few Floquils not pictured are on their way still. Also have some duplicates of some colors I already have but I also have them coming in the RR bottle/label. When it’s all said and done I believe I will have the full set of all RR bottles. Which is insane.

I will be painting this one up with the Floquils at some point when I can direct the needed attention this deserves. Figured if there is one place in the world that these pics can be appreciated, it’s here. Didn’t do this by myself and there are a few people that have and are continuing to help in this process. You guys know who you are and I thank you.

I’ll keep you guys posted.



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