Custom Mandalorian Noob


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In a couple months I might start looking into making my own armor, and I was just wondering what materials would be good for a cheaper build. I was thinking using foam as a base and coating it with a satin/matte enamel.
Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Im looking to mainly buy materials from craft stores.


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An easy start to a kit is using bin armor. You can print the templates out and trace directly to the bins( rubbermaid storage or trashcans) and cut out with a dremel or exacto knife. always wear gloves and eye protection when doing so. A heat gun to shape and cold tub of water to freeze the shape . Using foam for armor is an awesome medium too. using anti fatigue mats and cutting and shaping with a heat gun. adding dents and battle damage is easy on foam and foam can be hardened with wood glue coats! Good luck on your future build.OYA !!