NoJohns Very Slow ESB Build! - WIP


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Doing an experiment.
I found a 2" wide leather belt blank on Amazon after a leatherworking friend of mine pointed it out to me. Perfect length to get cut down, close enough to screen-accurate color but can always be dyed/glossed. It was cheap enough to order on a whim.
Going to attempt to hand stitch the belt itself, and if that's successful, I'll attempt to make the pouches. If nothing else, I'll have learned a little bit more about leatherworking!


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Hand stitching is time consuming and you will need to buy a tool, needles and thread. I took mine and a pattern to a leather/shoe shop.


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I am doing the same process for my belt build, just purchased a chinese leather shoe repair machine specifically for stitching the leather.

2" belt, I am seeing the main belt is about 2.5"-3", are you cutting this down for the pouches?


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Mail call!
Chest electronics are from Westaby, Wookie Braids are from JojoFett95’s recent run and they are GORGEOUS, and I picked up a girth belt from RidingWarehouse. Just need to make the proper modifications.


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