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First off, love the site. There are alot of gifted craftsman and artists here. I bought this Rubies a few months ago on e-bay. After finding this site, I decided to try and "jazz" it up a little. I used some Testors model paint and mixed my own colors. I learned alot from painting this and I have a greater appretiation for the work alot of you do on your projects. I think I'm going to try my hand at a MSH. Comments and suggestions are welcome! Curious, which takes longer. Preping a MSH or the actuall painting?




how much prep really all depends on the helmet kit you get.

for example, the sgt. fang ones will require a bit of sanding and filling, where the ms3 i got was ready to go right out of the box.

the msh helmets are pretty hard to come by. do you already have one, or are you trying to find one? if the latter, i'd STRONGLY suggest sticking to a known-good seller. ebay is a total crapshoot. you may end up with a gem, or a pile of *censored*
Thanx for the tip. I am looking to buy one and I would prefer it come from some one on TDH, I just don't know who to buy from yet. I know there are several quality helmet makers that frequent the site.
There's an MSH1 for sale in the Cargo Hold right now. The MSH series don't come along for sale very often. And MSH2 owners would rather give up a kidney than part with one of those babies.
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