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Hi everyone. I have been doing a lot of reading on TDH over the last couple of months and I have learned A TON from a lot of really talented people here. Last year I took my first step into SW costuming with trooper armor. I loved it and had a great time putting it together. This is my first attempt at a decent paint job on a Fett helmet. It is a resin/fiberglass helmet. I got the paint colors and a lot of reference pics right here from TDH.

Thanks to everyone out there for putting together a great site and a lot of great info....


Thanks a lot. I am really happy about the way it turned out. I kept seeing all of these other great bucket pics that are posted weekly and I got some great ideas on how I wanted to do mine. All of the tutorials and tips that everyone would post helped me a ton. I also made most of my own armor. I can't wait to get my soft parts so I can post pics of the whole thing.
That looks amazing. I ordered my first fiberglass helmet a few days ago, and while I can't wait for it to get here, I'm worried about painting it! I lack in the patience department and I hope mine comes out half as good as yours has!!

what colors did you use? I also just ordered a FG helmet. And I have been reading through this board religiously trying to prepare myself for painting it. I have enough paint colors going through my head to make me mad. but the more suggestions I hear the better.
I used the list of colors listed under Rogue Studios. If you use the search feature I'm sure you could find the whole thread again, but here is the list of helmet colors I used:

Helmet (Empire version)
* Panzer Olive Green (Cheeks and dome) F505113
* Boxcar Red (mandibles) F414281
* UP Armor Yellow (Verticle stripes) F414170
* MILW Road Orange (Verticle stripes) F414152
* SP Lark Dark Gray 'unsure' (Gray around scratches) F414182
* Rust (various locations) F414323
* Chrome (scratches) I think this was actually a color called bright silver but this works best.
* Euro Dark green 'Unsure' back of helmet. 4729 (Model Master)
* Panzer dark yellow (Rangefinder ear) if you do not have aluminum ears you will need to mix a silver with this to tone it down. F505111
* RLM Green (Left ear) 'unsure' F505056
* PRR Green (Inside cheeks) this is practically black. F414164
* Rock Island Maroon (Red scratches on left ear). F414248
* Light Gray (on left ear) any light gray will do. F505061

All paints were either Poly Scale or Floquil colors. They were really easy to use - if you are using an airbrush, you just thin them with water, rather than paint thinner. It made cleanup easy. They also brushed on well when needed.

Go to the Testors paint website and just key in the numbers listed above and it will pull up the correct colors.

The original thread also listed paint colors for the armor, shoulders, knees, gauntlets, etc. If you can't find it, PM me. I think I copied and pasted it into a document somewhere. I just can't find it right now.

I also found liquid latex to be my best freind on this project. You can paint your whole helmet chrome and then once dried, you can paint on the latex and let it dry so that you get the layered effect where the paint is supposed top be worn away. It looks more realistic that way. I hope the info helps you as much as it helped me!
Thats a beauty. I really like that you display it with some cool collar armor. What did you use for your neck seal? I'm in the middle tedious process of painting my esb helmet. (the time consuming part is finding the time to spend on it!) Your display just inspired me to do collar armor for it as well. Oh hell. I'll probably have to do the shoulder armor as well because the orange contrast would be cool. Man. Is this how it starts? !!!! I've seen some pretty cool "full vest" displays... here i go.... :p
As far as the paints go, I only needed one bottle of each color. When you start painting your armor, I would suggest buying 3 or 4 bottles of that specific color. (I believe it is called "US Medium Green". Thats really the only color that I needed more than one bottle.

For the neckseal, You laugh at this.... I didn't have one yet but I wanted it to look good for the pics, so I took an old t-shirt and I cut out the collar part leaving about 4 inches of shirt attached. Then I just cut off one of the sleeves, stretched it over the head of the bust form, and tucked the bottom into the collar. Worked great for the picture and probably could work for a permanent display piece if you took a little more time than I did. It was a quick fix and pretty darn cheap!!!
FettFan, thanks for the info..I just got myself an airbrush kit and ordered the paints. I hope mine can turn out at least half as good as yours and I will be happy.
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