Newbie finally has something to show...progress pic


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Hey everyone, Ya.. I'm a newbie but I have been working on my costume since last Nov. This pic is from a few weeks ago, as you can see I'm still working on it and Oct.31st is just around the corner. I'd like to thank all of you for your help to get me to this point. Now that I have some experience maybe I can contribute to the forum.

Let's see if I can even get the pic posted!

Thanks secol_FETT for your help with the pic.
Nice Job.(y) By the way, those boots you have look just like the KC pit crews, or Bed-stu modules. Are my eyes playing tricks on me?
First of all, welcome to the TDH.
Second, that is one awesome costume.:eek: Wish we were that far with our costumes.
Would you mind saying what you made your jet pack out of.
Great job! (y)
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Well being a newbie myself I have to say that is one great suit. Post some pic's of your jp. Looks good keep it up.

Hey thanks everyone!!

After almost a year of hard work it's nice to have somebody finally appreciate the work involved. I owe a few answers...

Gater - The Boots are from Sears (Canada) Winter catalog, I think they are called "Protocol" $39.99. They kinda look more like Jango boots but that's the best I have found so far.

Boba Freekk - I'll post my jet pack in that forum and my blaster too, so watch for them...

Omega_Man - I'm in Ottawa, I sent an e-mail to get on the TDH Members Map...should be on there soon..I think you're in Vancouver eh??

BountyHunter185 - My jet pack is made from tons of stuff...mostly Sintra, ABS pipe, Lysol Wipes Containers, Floor Hockey balls, water bottles and about 50 glue sticks.....

Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome.
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