Newbie also - progress pics


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=== June 22, 2006 Updating again with new pics down at the bottom of the page :).
Finally finished with Rub & Buff and some weathering...


>>> May 3, 2006
Finally done with perhaps what I can call my v.1. Comparison pics of before (a month ago - phone cam) and after (current work - digicam) are now available. Thanks for the words of advice from everyone!

*** Where it started***

Much of this was from a modified MLC Boba armor kit and MLC1 helmet which I will modify at the RF ear piece section. The jet pack was of course MLC. I was lucky enough to be given a used pair of "knucklebones" brand hi-cut shoes which had the correct boot soles. From there I made my own boot top plates, shins and thighs out of styrene which are holding well to my relief.
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BEFORE (last month - phone cam)


AFTER (current work - in digicam)
-without flash

-with flash

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Some newbie :p Looks awesome. Great job. Now if you're like Seeker you'll keep working on it till it's better then anything LFL makes :D


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Thanks a lot for the kind remarks :) . Its such a privelege to be appreciated especially in this highly respected community.

It definitely motivates me to work harder. I will indeed post better photos next week while I start working on the rest of the costume.

I hope a lot of you guys are doing well also with your own projects.


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Wow, you definatly don't look newb-ish! That is awesome! That "aiming the gun" pic is great. You pull off Jango very well!


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Thanks really for the kind remarks from all of you. It makes working harder worth the effort.

Here are my updates:

Masking, priming and painting the blue portion of the helmet


Working on the gaunlets...





Don't mind the items which shouldn't be in the backgrounds :)
More updates to follow.
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That an awesome Jango. Show us some more pics when your done like the ones right above there a bit blurry. Nice 3PO stuff to.


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Thanks Cal,
Yup now that I got the digicam back to work I will be taking newer photos of this costume as I get closer to completing the project. (Indeed the previous pics were blurry since only a mobile phone was available then).
PS. The 3P0 isn't mine :) . I'm just helping a friend with the 1st coat.

Thanks, my project is very far from screen accurate and I hope to improve on it piece by piece but for now this will be sort of my springboard. My height is 5'7, err, too short huh?


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goldenrod said:
not to short at all ,as Jango is about 5'8". My hieght.
Where did you get the gauntlets? i need a set that will fit me.

Oh really? Good. The shoes and helmet (sans the RF) do add some extra inches to that as well so I guess its ok then.

I got a kit from Ruffkintoy (that I looked for in the other threads). Its actually a Boba kit that I modified to Jango to the most of what I can do.
Its styrene with resin accessories. Good Luck Golden Rod.