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Ok guys. I just finished up the vest I'm going to be using with the custom I'm building and am thinking about how to attach everything. I was thinking I would glue it on so that it wouldn't move around but I'm afraid if I glue on the collar and backplate I won't be able to get my head through.

The vest is made of vinyl by the way. Any suggestions?

We wouldn't suggest glueing everything on b/c, like what a lot of people have said before, if say the armor got caught on something it might tear the vest. Plus like you said it might be difficult to get on or off. We would suggest either using velcro, snaps, or some people have used rare earth magnets. Hope this gives you some ideas. :)
Cant wait to see some picks of the vest and the rest of the suit.

Yeah, I've been reluctant to use velcro because my Boba set that uses velcro had a tendancy to shift and get to where it doesn't look exactly right. Of course this one fits quite a bit better so that might not be as big of a problem.
Well, the Thompson Twins have one idea. ( apologies to Herge and the other Tintin fans, lol) Snaps are used by many with great results from what I have read here.

I used bolts passing right through the vest itself, through grommets, and secured with a nut on the inside. Works like a champ.

As a note, I had(and others when seeing the arrangement) wondered if the protruding bolts would possibly serve to poke me. I recently took part in a fanfilm in which I took, and retook :) , several hard falls straight onto my front. The issue of bolt-stabbing never even came up. I highly stand by the system.
Hmm...where do you get the rare earth magnents? I tried to get them at teh craft store tonight but they only had like regular refrigerator magnents. I don't think they're strong enough to work unless I use a bunch of them.


Slowmo wrote:

Hmm...where do you get the rare earth magnents? I tried to get them at teh craft store tonight but they only had like regular refrigerator magnents. I don't think they're strong enough to work unless I use a bunch of them.


I heard that other people have gotten them at Home Depot. If there isn't one in your area then i belive you can get them online. as for the refrigerator magnets, i saw those too but i figure they are definately to weak. your best bet is probably going to be Home Depot.
Hope this helps. :)

I know this is kind of OT but I was wandering how many yards of Fabric I would need for the vest. would about three yards do ?
<font color="FFCC33">I also wondered how comfortable the bolt method would be on MMM's chest armor when he showed it to me. I think I even made a comment about it, didn't I? :confusedAnyway, if he says it's comfortable, it sure looked like a good method, to me, Very secure.
I think I bought 2.5 yards of the vinyl that I used and have over half of it left. Of course vinyl is 56 inches wide so it's a bit more than regular fabrics.

OK, where in Home Depot do you find the rare earth magnents. Everyone I have asked at 2 HD's and 1 Ace all sound like bullwinkle as they say "duhhh....Iiiie don't know what those are"

According to the link and pics...on the back of the armor, I could see that there's like holes in the magnets, facing the vest. Do they come like that or that's something else? And how actually go attached these pieces to the vest, do I have to have a little piece of metal or a washer behind the vest or something?

Well, I fastened my shoulder bells onto my hand sewn (By Me!) vest last night. I used snaps and they work like a charm.

I have 1/4" sintra armour and I countersunk one side of the snap into the armour so it sits flush then hot glued the sucker in there.

It looks great and I'd recommend it.

Getting my home PC sorted out soon so I should be able to post pics of the vest that I made without a formal pattern, and hand sewed myself. I'm very proud of it, but my friends think I'm a freak! :lol:

Go with snaps dude, they're a sinch.

BKBT...I've seen the pics that you have attached your magnets to the armor. I need to know which magnets (thickness and diameter did you use for your Jango armor and if the cups and washers comes with the magnets when you ordered them; the thickness of your armor, and the process you did to attach those (which I probably think the way you did them already), just to make sure, cause I just have a set of armor made by MB, but I got it from Ebay from one of our members, and I'm planning to use this kind of magnets instead of the velcro that came with them. Please let me know, cause I'm in the process of cutomizing this armor anyways, it needs some more dents around an new and accurate paint job (thanks to TDH for the tips of customizing). I've never worked before with plastics or fiberglass before, until I joined this group. I need your feedback before I start to work with the armor. Please, PM or post here. I'll be waiting.

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