New to the game,little help from my fellow Fett's!


Jr Hunter
Hey everyone!

You guys all rock and are truly inspiring.I would love some advice if anyone could help me out.I want to paint a bucket and been looking for a proper blank.I have made a pepakura bucket last winter and plan on building another but I also want a Casted one.I came across this one on eBay and figured it's a decent price.

Any thoughts?

Any advice or directions to point me in would be amazing!


Boba Fett Helmet 1 1 Fits Larger Than The GMH | eBay


Well-Known Hunter
Hey Rob, firstly good luck with your build. This seller has used a variety of ebay accounts to sell recast work over the years. I associate him most clearly with the name 'slartibartfast'. Moral arguments on recasting aside the practical implications are that the more times an item is copied the lower the quality gets. This looks to be a recast of a Fettpride kit. In my opinion you might ask animefan or another of the helmet vendors here for a better quality item than is being offered here albeit a more expensive one. These certainly aren't the worst recasts I've seen but they're fairly soft and you might end up feeling you've settled for an inferior product.



Jr Hunter
just be careful whith the buyer, ask for a pic before they send it to you and make sure you insure the shipping, my helmet came with the entire back panel in pieces...