New TK409 Chest Displays *PICS*

Trooper TK409

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*EDIT New movie file: (356k)

My brother designed and built these and I think they turned out very nice. They're no bigger than a credit card and are extremely bright - even in daylight. I used dark green faceshield plastic for the window in my chest armor and it shines a bright red even through the dark window (as seen in the photos and movie clip below). Powered by one 9-volt battery with a cord that measures 22" long for easy storage wherever you want. Be sure to watch the movie clip!
He's selling them for $79 shipped. PM me for more details.



4.jpg (356k)


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The avi file does not seem to work. It flashes on my screen for about a half second. Not even long enough to see anything. I tried downloading it to my machine and it did the same.
I just received mine and have to say that these are definitely high quality. You really can see the display quite clearly in broad daylight. I've had numerous electronics jobs for my Fett costume, however this one stands out and was done very cleanly and neatly.

I highly recommend this for anyone looking to make their armor very accurate!!

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