New Rangefinder Review


Purity Knight

Here is a link to pictures of the Rangefinder the highly skilled Gil Torres made for me:

This thing kix ass, ive never seen a better range finder. Its made of aluminum and i expected it to be alot heavier than it is. I cant decide whether i want to paint it or not.. it looks so sweet!!!

Thanx again Gil, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!
Very impressive Gil. By the way, the darts you sent me arrived today. Believe it or not, those are exactly what I have on my gauntlet already. I guess we both had the same idea. Thanks for sending them.
Its not red cuz i havent painted it yet... and i might not. I like the metallic look of the top. I might paint the gold part black though to go with the trim of my helmet.
Wow!, Gill's the man of, aliminum.:D

PK, since you gave up on your mandalorian costume, you could put that beautifull rangefinder on your Slipknot costume somewhere. :lol:
ya you people are really nice... i come here to share props and get advice and all you do is make fun of my style
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