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OK, so here we go. My 11 year old is getting into the Fett. Boba though, no Jango. Sorry Jangos. Anyway, here are the beginning stages of the new bucket for him. He wants me to paint it Jedi style, like his old man, and I made sure to show him ESB and ROTJ. He chose ROTJ. He doesn't like the yellow, lol. So, as this progresses, I will update.






The bucket is a DP 97. It came with LEDS in the RF, so that was a massive plus. He loves it and I finally have found a project we can both work on, as he cant use the bandsaw or other powertools when I make guitars. So, this is overly cool.


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So far so good. I have the basic paint job he wanted. The black on the upper cheeks needs to be re-done. The hoop is glued in and drying as I type this. I am going to have a problem making the mandibles stay straight. I may use an aluminium piece on the inside once the visor is in place to keep em straighter than they are. He's happy with it, so thats all that matters. More pics to follow.

man, my blinds are dirty.


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