New Helmet Templates WIP.


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Morning guys and gals,

I've been busy lately modelling various components of the Fett gear in 3D, I've also just completed the helmet!

Beacause my background lies in papermodelling, I thought I'd do these but using 3D models and Pepakura to unfold them. I'm not trying to out-do Alans work or anything, I think his stuff is amazing. I just wanted to try it my way. Actually, all of the Fett stuff I've been working on has been based on WoF blueprints so they'll be very similar.

Anyway, for the helmet, I've done the bucket and both ear pieces. I've not done the RF.

I hope you guys like it and I hope to have it unfolded and ready for release soon along with my jet pack, rocket pack, and gauntlets.

Here's a pick of the helmet:

Thanks for looking. ;)


I have done both a Letter and A4 version of the PDO file.

View attachment Fett

View attachment Fett Helmet

You'll need Pepakura Viewer to print them as they are, or Pepakura Designer to rescale them before printing. Those can be found here:

Hope you guys like the finished thing and have fun!!! :D
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So when am I gonna come by your house and shake your hand!! You are truly awesome buddy...especially how you seperated the ears. Now I can go and make that custom helmet with 2 RF.

LOL...Skip nice job but where is the D/L!!


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Hey buddy!

You're at fault for this you know!!! ;) I was going to be doing the Biker Scout until I spoke to you regarding Mando stuff! LOL!

Yeah, I didn't want to model the ears as one with the helmet. This way it can all be done seperately and then added at the end. Or, customise it with two RFs like you mentioned or some sort of Macro Binocular (like the RotS clones) set-up or something. Whatever people wanted to do really.

The DL? Sorry, I've only just finished modelling this one this morning, so it's not been unfolded yet. Today is a day off since the wife is home and ill so I need to be around there. I'm hoping that tonight and tomorrow I'll be able to offer the download of the helmet and Jango Arena pack. I hope!! :)

I'm glad you like it though, thanks for the compliment!!

Also, since talking to you about custom Mandos, I've dug out my sketching stuff this morning to try some ideas I had lastnight for some Mando "heavy" armor. So Look out for that too at some point. ;)


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You're a monster (In the good way) :wacko With 'pepakura' all is too easy ;)

Thank you very much for all your work! :cheers


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I know I said that I'd hoped to have got the helmet ready for download by now. Sorry, but it's not ready yet. My brother invited me to a BBQ so I ended up being out all day yesterday, then way too tired when I got back.

I'll see what I can get done today.


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Thanks very much. I've done most of the unfolding now. However, it's a lovely day here so I've been out in the garden all day. So, it's not quite finished yet.


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Quick hitter on the helmet. I cant tell by your design. Is the helmet dome a perfect dome, or is it wide, flat etc? May want to get a side and front shot of the real fett helmet, and adjust a bit, but overall it looks great.

Second, i have to say im really interested in the rocket pack. It should be awesome to see what you do with it.


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Thanks for that, though I had that one in hand. The dome isn't a sphere just chopped in half. This is based on WoF blueprints so the shape of the dome is true to those blueprints, it's a slightly stretched out sphere, slightly flattened(sp?) on the top. It's as close to Alans blueprints as I could get. ;)

I'm just starting to unfold the Arena jet pack. ;) I need to make some alterations though so that pieces won't run off the page when printed. Like Alans templates for the jet pack, they need joining up after printing? I'm trying to make these templates in a way that all parts will fit onto their pages to be joined up again later when building. So you'll have gluetabs to help point out where everything goes. Similar to Alans still but slightly different at the same time. You won't need a few pages to illustrate how to reassemble the printed pages if I'm making any sense here??