New BKBT Jango Cod


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Seeing as there is enough interest, this run is a go. Seeing as this will be a relatively qick piece to cast up I won't bother doing a limited run. Orders will be sent out in order of payment. Price is $65 shipped to the USA. International buyers please PM me for price to your location.
$65 shipped for a fiberglass Jango cod? I have a resin model now that I had to beef up with Bondo and I can't see it lasting for any long period of time. I'm sure it'll crack trying to get it to fit correctly or something. That would suck...Do you have any pics of one of your cod pieces in the condition in which it would be shipped? I actually like the Jango cod over the Boba one for my custom because of the way you can rig holsters through the front of the cod etc...Thanks for any info you can give me.

Check out the buildup threads in the Jango forum. These will be supplied rough trimmed so all you need to do is hit the edges with a bit of sandpaper. Those of you who bought my chest armor know the drill.
Quick Update. I have the silicone poured & just need to wrap it with a fiberglass jacket, then I'll start shipping these out. I'm going to try & get all orders out in the next week or so. I'll email everyone their tracking #s as they are shipped. Thanks for your patience:)
First cast pieces. Now I'll try & crank these out to get them to you guys quickly! This is the rough trimmed form that I will be sending out.

very very nice...I think I should hold off on buying this stuff till your thigh armor is finished as well. Save on shipping.
Where were you when I needed a backplate!!:D
Put me down for a set of boot, shin, and thigh armor if I can get them in time for CIV.(y)
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