New batting helmet bucket


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Its been tough to find time to finish between work and school. I hope to get back on it over the holiday break. I also started a Vader mod (Rubies), and a Stormtrooper (RT Mod) and I plan on splitting time between all three. With Dookie's new templates it just made finishing it a lot easier. I will keep you posted. Thanks.


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Just for the sake of argument, and even without any evidence to support it....

It is almost......too good. :rolleyes

I know you might be a little irritated hearing this all the time, but this is really grade A work. Be proud. Not all scratch builds come out as cleanly as yours has so far. I'm proud for you, thats how good it is.



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Been awhile since I posted any progress but SJ and now Spideyfett's paint ups have got me inspired to finish my bucket. Have gone to mostly topical except in the larger areas where I will use Dookie's templates and cut masks. SJ, I still don't see how you complete a helmet so quickly and with such outstanding results. I mounted the green visor with the Spideyfett mounting method and will use the same for the circuit board mount. The dry transfers are definitely the way to go for the ears SJ. Awesome find. I will post more pics when I finish the back and weathering.

Helmet 96.jpg

Helmet 95.jpg

Helmet 94.jpg


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:eek: Incredible work! Respect is due! (y)

Are you sure you don't work at ILM? :lol:

Stuff like this inspires me and is fascinating to watch!
Thanks for sharing and please keep up the amazing job!

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Makes my scratchbuilt look like a piece 'o ****. :p Great job, man!

Lol, now I want to re-do it, as mine was a first try. Don't think my wife would like that too much, with the amount of time I put into the first one... hehe. It's mostly the dome on mine that I'm not happy with. Too tall, and the shape is wrong. Too rounded.

Awesome work, tho, you've set the bar for scratchbuilts.
That is an amazing piece of work. If it looks as good on as it does on display, you will have made yourself something that looks on par with some of the best out there!



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Thanks for the kind words fellas. Been a while since I've posted. Finishing the helmet has been put on hold until I finish school this December. After that I should have more time to devote to my hobbies. I will turn 40 and graduate within a week of each other. Can't wait to get my free time back. I promise to finish it and post progress pics early next year. Thanks again.

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Your work is of a profecional, it is incredible, spectacular, really congratulations, I don't imagine as much as time takes you but for sure it was too much, again congratulations!!!!!!!!


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awesome job I also went with the batting helmet method Alans templates are amazing makes the build enjoyable .great prep and paint work. hope mine turns out half as good.