New batting helmet bucket

Mr Fett

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:eek: :eek: :eek:

WHOA! That is phenominal for a "scratch build" helmet. I can't get over it!!!
Great painting too. (y)
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I can't wait to see it on yer noggin. I'm curious to see what it looks like on someone.
It just blows me away that this a completely scratch built bucket.
Truely awesome!


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I have seen this helmet in person. The pics do not do it justice. It is a work of Art. I await to see it finished, it is going to be awesome.


That is the most beautiful helmet I have ever seen ! You and wizzardofflight are the reason why I start my first scratbuild helmet... Thanks !

You are a well skilled man !!! Absolutely fantasitic !


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Yes. This is awesome. You have my high respect for this. :cheers

I love it. I love it a lot.

In fact, I will be using this for creating Zannah's armor.

Thanks for the awesome guidelines. Your work looks most excellent. You really just used for sale signs, hmm? That's cool. The same Sintra boiling techniques worked on these signs, yes? That's very impressive. Thanks for the find!


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I can't really add any more good comments than have already been posted, but I just wanted to post my contribution to the "that's awesome" box.


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I'm about to finally get around to building my own armour and lid after too much time spent wanting to, but not having enough time. I can only hope that my attempt looks a quarter of how good yours does. Truly amazing work! I feel inspired!


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First, thanks for all the kind words. I have $140 invested in the helmet. This includes all the finishing materials, visor, and MQ1 casting for the rear. To do it again I could probably save another 10 to 15% off of that total. The real investment is in time. I hope to get back on the paintjob again shortly.:cheers


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:eek::eek:Whoa.:eek::eek: I plan to use WOF's templates, and i have confidence in my talent, but man, that is so cooooooool! i hope mine turns out just as good. any news on how its coming?
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