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Ok, I'm new around here. I've a Rubies bucket, but it seems it is going to be to small for my head. Yeah, insert big head jokes here. Can someone point me in the direction of a person who makes good quality buckets. Probably Fiberglass ones for now, since my armor isn't metal. Atleast not the first version of it. Thanks for your help.


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Hi and welcome to TDH. Honestly, if you're in the market for a new Boba Fett bucket than look no further than this thread:

Its the newest bucket project to date and very highly anticipated. Fettpride's work is top notch and you'll be hard pressed to find anything better for the money.

Other great options are called the Mystery Helmets. Both from Marrow Sun and from Sarge. Both have lineage to the real deal Pre-Pro bucket in years past and have had slight alterations since.

Lastly is the BobaMaker bucket. Another great product from a highly respected member here at TDH.

Good luck!


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Yep.. just what Bob said.

I have the Mystery helmet and i can say it's very nice.. for my 1st helmet.
here is a link to a progress thread

If this is your 1st time painting and working on a kit helmet.. i'd go for the Sgt Fang..its affordable. do a search for "NikNak" or "batninja" (members here) and you'll see the amount of time and prep to get one of these bad boys done.

Once i finish it, my brother is going to buy it off me and i will be getting the FPH once it is available and as far as you armor goes, i'd stick with FG or a vac formed set... metal is too heavy to troop in..IMO

but hey, it's your armor.

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