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I was gone for a while and I missed the whole thing- I'd like to know what the story is with the 'mystery' helmet and also where I could get one if possible.

As I understand it, its a very accurate casting- possibly from an original LFL helmet?

Anyone feel free to PM me with the details. Thanks!

The original description from SgtFang, the original "Mystery" helmet maker.
SgtFang said:
To recap:
Roughly 3 years ago, I bought a rough, primered, fiberglass Fett casting off eBay from a "KBoyette". At the time, the price was right, I knew I could make it nice, and it looked good.
I just took for granted that it was probably a DP Deluxe recast, but as I set about cleaning it up, and started having to really look at the details to repair them right, I started noticing more and more discrepancies-
The DP visor was shortened by roughly a 1/2" on either side; Mine went all the way back.

The DP's had pre-done battle damage- scratches, bumps etc. Mine, while rough, had no real pattern to it's texture, and was more indicative to me of a well used mold that's surface was nearly worn out, rather than deliberate damage.
Also, it was noticeably larger than any of the other Fetts I'd seen.

Finally, around January or February last year, something in me ganged up and said "ASK AROUND about this thing", so I posted a thread on the RPF called "Sarge's "Mystery Helmet", asking people what they thought it was. After a week or so of debating, someone, who's probably forgotten more about SW armor than I'll ever know, posted that he knew what it was, and that my original was one of 10 bootleg copies that were made by Don Post employees while they had an original film used helmet in their possesion for laser scanning. This was for the development of the DP Deluxe Boba.
I was amazed to hear this, and of course patted myself on the back for having a good eye.- When I bid on the auction, I had no idea what it was, I just remember looking at the pics and thinking "Yeah, I like the proportions on this one- it LOOKS like Boba!"

So anyway, when this all came to light, I was in the middle of getting ready to mold the helmet anyway for a group costuming effort- Me and a few other guys were planning to do a group of custom Mandalorians for CEL 2.
The aforementioned authority on the helmets lineage, got ahold of me in the meantime, and he was so certain of it's origin, that he offered me $500.00 for the first KIT out of the mold! That was good enough for me, and I started referring to them as 2nd gen copies of a film used helmet.

So, like I said earlier, I don't really want to do many of these, for worry of drawing Rubies unwelcome attention, but Christmas Season is upon us and ol' Sarge needs some shopping money! This will probably be your best chance to get one of these- if I ever offer them again, it will probably only be to select people, that I'm on a first name basis with.

I've done extensive research on the Mystery Helmet. All the evidence I've gathered indicates that the Mystery Helmet is an early prototype helmet from Don Post Studios.

If you were looking at a family tree of Fett helmet lineage, you would have the real helmet(s) at the top, RS's plug as a branch of the originals, then the Mystery Helmet (modififed), then Don Post Deluxe(modified). The Mystery Helmet doesn't have as many differences as the Deluxe, but it has been sanitized and altered to a certain degree.

Also, you can completely disregard what Sarge said about the origins of the helmet. The individual who told Sarge about the "the 10 escaped helmets" did not have any merit or evidence in making that claim, which been nothing more than urban legend.
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