Need ideas/inspiration *Large Pic warning*


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Need ideas/inspiration

I've hit a bit of a snag in the way of blasters etc. I've decided that my Mando's going to have a medium rifle and a sidearm. The problem is that I've gone and lost all my inspiration. I'm asking all you people to give me some ideas about what can be done, and it would be great if you would post some of your custom blasters. One note: Scratchbuilding is an option for me, I'm just not very good at it.
Here's what I've got in the way of things I can modify. The Black one is just a toy that I ordered from eBay. I'd like to keep the Maverick intact, but I'll buy another one if I need to. The yellow and orange one can be hacked to pieces if need be. It seems to be some sort of early paintball gun or something, I'll probably post more pics of it later.
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dude take the orange gun and put a stock on it so it can rest in your sholder. Extend the barrel using a PVC tube. Then just play around. add a scope and maybe some little greeblies here and there
I actually have a pair of the black "blaster" from the first photo-mine are grey though. If anyone wants a pair of them cheap let me know...I went ahead and made several pairs of the Nerf PM series blasters until I made a single one I liked. The pic isn't the best as I loaned out my camera equipment and it's gonna take me forever to get everything set back the way I like them!:facepalm Anyway, you'll get the idea. Oh, and the thing below the barrel is a flechette missile launcher-a wicked surprise for those downrange in confined spaces...:lol: Oh, I'm not done weathering it so bear with me until I break out the paint brushes etc.


Gotcha! was an early 80's attempt @ getting kids into paintball. It had a line of toys w/ accessories, a cartoon, and even had a tie in movie, starring Anthony Edwards. It was really crappy, expensive, and it didn't last long. Before yours, I hadn't seen one in @ least 15 years. The clip looks like it would make a decent respirator end, too.
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