Need help with my baby!!!


I have 1 question to all you out there. Here is a pic from my baby:


So what I´m looking for is a sling for it is anyone doing correct replica webley slings or has maybee an original please let me know.

Greetings Guido

Boba Fett

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You know out of all the things that we look for I find the strap for the EE-3 to be the toughest to find. I have spent countless hours on eBay just pouring through the most random auctions to see if I can find something that resembles what was used in the movie. To this date all that I have found were straps that were used in WW2, but they do not have the right kind of connections on them to suit the EE-3. So if anyone has any advice, or can tell us what they did, that would really help.

so I ask another question is there anyone that has a clear pic of the sling and which parts are exactly at the ends? Maybe I could do my ow sling replica but I need clear pics.

Greetings Guido
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