Need help with ESB guantlet fitment


I have a beautiful set of MOW ESB guantlets Ive started working on but my problem is the right guantlet is tight on my forearm just really no room to move let alone install extra stuff inside. The left fits perfect, Im just wondering if anyone knows of a way to make more room or extend the guantlet so it will fits better. The guantlets are great the problem really is im 6ft tall at 275lbs my arms are just large. If anyone knows of any tricks or mods that would gain me alittle more room that would be awesome.


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I had this issue with mine, if you are doing the clam shel type gaunt's (hinge down one side and clamps together like a clam shell) I took the bottom half section cut two strips the length of it and made them about 20mm wide and the added them on with fiberglass and filled the outser side... This in a sense makes the bottom half a bit taller, it wont help for width but it made just that extra bit of room I was after... be carefull if you are a tight fitting guy, the right gauntlet can put a preasure point on your wrist by your thumb, I did a 6 hour troop and by the end of it I lost all feeling on the top of my thumb ''For Good!'' I am not the only person who has had this problem.

padding helps and keep a check on you hands every now and then. (y)